Monthly Archives: February 2016

Update 6.6.5

This is a pretty sad patch. Granted, the couple features might be useful but it's a very small update. The reason for this is that we spent time this week exploring a modded server, now that Arma's launcher makes installing mods a bit easier. Next week you will most likely see our first modded server. To…
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Update 6.6.4

6.6.4 Added a new phone system where you can open voice/text communications directly with another player. Greatly improved the side channel voice block. Fixed several occurrences where your weapon fire-mode would get reset. The list of items when picking up objects will now remain stable. Hotfix Fixed VOIP restriction on side chat and it'll be far…
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Update 6.6.3

6.6.3 Go-Karts can now be driven away from the race track. Go-Karts are considered "unregistered vehicles" and police now have a new charge for people driving them on roads. Recently captured messages for captures/cartels will now properly report the amount of time until it can be captured again. The longer you hold a capture point, the better…
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