Monthly Archives: March 2016

Update 6.8.0

6.8.0 [All] Added a new capture point, the Wong Triad! The triad will take a 5% cut from all sales done at a Wong's shop whenever the triad is 100% owned. [All] Civilians can now place certain objects within 300 meters of a capture area flag. [All] Rebel markets now sell a few different defensive…
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Update 6.7.0

6.7.0 Houses on Australia with garages now function as vehicle garages. Fixed several exploits related to blood bags. Police AR15 rubber rounds will now down properly. Vehicles with corpses inside can now be chopped and impounded. Fixed exploit with repairing vehicles. Speed bombs and suicide vests will work more reliably. Talent descriptions updated on Australia.…
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Update 6.6.6

6.6.6 Fixed bugs with dropping virtual inventory on death. The weapon shop UI has been completely remade and now offers a much more clear and simple to use experience. An exploit with chopping down trees has been corrected. Fixed a bug with checking the police required for anĀ illegal action. Fixed the governor bank account on…
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