Monthly Archives: September 2016

Update 6.1.0

6.1.0 Introducing police SWAT teams! SWAT will be called to duty when major crimes take place, such as a reserve robbery or a prison break. When the event/crime is over, members of SWAT are returned to normal active duty and equipment. The number of SWAT members will be at most equal to the number of…
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Update 6.8.2

6.8.2 Significantly increased the amount of money which the drug cartel produces. Cartels now give dirty money instead of regular cash. Cartel containers can now hold a maximum of $100,000. The owners of Wong's Triad will no longer have a cut taken from their own illegal sales. Rebel outpost virtual item and weapon purchases will…
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Update 6.8.1

6.8.1 Doubled the per-player gang bank limit from 50k to 100k. Gang banks can now hold a maximum of 2.5m, up from 1.5m. Bank vaults (domes) can now be cracked faster. The federal bank now spawns 30% of it's value in cash, instead of 60%.┬áThe total value of a bank robbery is unchanged, although more…
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