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Update 8.1.6

There are some database tweaks that have to happen before I deploy this, so it's likely to happen tomorrow AM.  This is again mainly a performance tweaking patch, but it had a few other things in it as well.  We had to finish testing all of these before we could begin working on the rebel…
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Update 8.1.5

First off - this is not a content patch (at least not really).  This patch is ~150 performance tweaks to the server and client mission files.  We've touched a ton of things, and done as much testing as we can.  I hope that nothing will be broken as we roll this out, but if there…
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Update 8.1.4

This patch is a few Quality of Life things for Rebels (well mainly one).  There are a few other items as well: You may now move your gang house.  The gang leader initiates the move by going to the gang house and accessing the move menu under the House Menu.  The gang house is able…
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Update 8.1.3

Today we are releasing a new crate:  Aggressor.  This crate is exclusively vehicle skins - mainly Ifrits in many colors with some higher end skins in the blue and purple range.  Here are the new skins coming into the game today: Thank you very much to @Gen. Henry Arnold for the skins in this pack. Additional items…
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