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Update 8.0.3

This patch is mostly civilian focused as it relates primarily to the Laws of War DLC for Arma 3 - which is mainly "civilian" in nature.  There are a few other things in here as well though. First, we are revamping the donor ranking system with this patch.  Level 5 donors will become level 7…
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Update 8.0.2

Another quick patch for the weekend: Added new APD uniform and vehicle skins.  Thanks @Vescio! APD payouts are now split to a 2km radius from where the action happens. Medics with the new DLC will get the new uniform Duct tape now should spawn properly in the prison.  Watch your back. Hotfix 1: Adjusted the damage…
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Update 8.0.1

A very quick patch to change a few things and add the medic van (I'll add the others later).  Anyway, here are the notes: Added the medic van for medics to purchase.  You have to OWN the new DLC in order to get into the driver's seat of the medic van. Medics should be able to hold binoculars…
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Update 8.0.0

It's been quite some time since we have changed things up on the Asylum, but I feel that now is the time to do so.  I remember when I started playing here that my favorite thing to do was to run around with friends and cause mayhem by robbing everyone in sight.  At it's core,…
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