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Update 7.3.0

For 7.3 we are introducing a new donation rewards system that will run in parallel with our current system - Loot Crates. Loot crates will provide skins that are custom or that we have previously removed from the game.  These include clothing, backpacks,  and helmets for now.  We will introduce additional items as time goes by,…
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Update 7.2.1

This patch will be going out on Tanoa now, as the only thing it has for Altis is the fog fix which will become present in the next Altis update (should be soon). 7.2.1 Added treasure hunting! Treasure maps can be found while mining, fishing and wreck excavating. They're incredibly rare and valuable. If you…
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Update 7.2.0

Face off: Change your face in game at the new plastic surgeon.  Want to change races while playing?  This guy is really that good. Other  changes: Gun price cuts on the island for the rebel side Cocaine should work on Tanoa Cocaine has returned to Altis Tanoa has more vehicles, weapons, and clothing Vehicle color…
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Update 7.1.0

Tanoa Life is live! Asylum has opened up a new island courtesy of the dev branch of Apex (Arma's expansion).  Here is what is new with Tanoa: New jobs for civilians that are island themed. Cocaine has moved from Altis to Tanoa and has a new process.  Find the cocaine plants in the wild and…
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