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  1. Welcome!
  2. Bought a prebuilt on Amazon good specs and I got it for super fucking cheap. Then gradually upgraded as the years passed.
  3. Love u
  4. It's not shit talking if it's true
  5. Ori main?
  6. You're being stupid, this isn't much different then it was before.
  7. Yikes
  8. I messaged you my name.on steam
  9. Nice shots big man
  10. You should just keep Asylum montages to asylum forums etc
  11. Spoke to my boy @Mitch (IFRIT) he said I'm a free man March 1st , and technically I'm allowed back on the forums after a break as well
  12. Yea, finally! Has @Erron White been active?
  13. Im a free man March 1st
  14. Great shots