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  1. Wopwop
  2. never seen before from a server of the owners who barely communicate with their own playersbase. i see other games, servers that the owners listen to the players how they want to make the server more fun. but these people do almost nothing about communication, . I do not understand what is so difficult about it to listen to our own community.
  3. What happens with gnashes?
  4. Hackers destroying s1
  5. Infamy doesnt show up on my screen?
  6. hit me up $
  7. There is no exploit in selling ATV's. If you are allowed to sell and resell PCP. Same idea fix your engine.
  8. Just go on when nobody is on (EU) time and Rob all those stores ez.
  9. Quick meth =25x4=100k ( 200x4=800 points ) =100k=800 points <3
  10. Bring strife back!
  11. Its say 15 availabe points but when i want learn it doesnt work
  12. Now i go make more money omggg
  13. I wonder why they no longer add clothing and weapons so that you have measured variance just like Olympus.