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  1. dp 11 was my main money make city !
  2. Poor folk would suck his dick for the rent.
  3. Ron is the man
  4. no reason to do drugs when undercovers + or higher camping every time.
  5. @ron the player
  6. Emotional story
  7. wb
  8. @Mitch (IFRIT)
  9. Hi nice to meet you im deep $
  10. @Brendon Smithxd
  11. Taking a selfie for this topic
  12. 1500$ every 5 min fucking crazy dude
  13. This is not Hurtworld or Rust
  14. Nerf/Remove RPG's. (They currently one shot armored vehicles such as ifrits so adding the damage handler back would prevent that). Because a certain group use alot of times RPG which has been on the server for years and is now in the spotlight because of the dope montages I personally think that the RPG should just stay what it is. If it was cheap I would say a * nerf it * but because of the high price that minority usually does not pay because it is not worth it and because they have no money is not really applicable to change.