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  1. Ok thank you!
  2. @Gen. Henry Arnold If you place a bounty on someone does it tell you? Also can cops see it?
  3. Still won’t fight?
  4. Beautiful nick! See you around my guy.
  5. happy wife happy sister
  6. Joeytrap is daddy!!!
  7. Why does your rook sound like a staple gun?
  8. 1. You’re not your. 2. Find not fine. 3. not who play that trash games it’s Who you plays that amazing game.
  9. Now this is funny
  10. let's play sometime abel.
  11. Fine but only because you wear a helmet....
  12. Hi i’m looking for people who want to play fortnite. Only thing I ask is you must be good at the game and not 12.
  13. How much drone do you get?
  14. What exhaust are you running?