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  1. sovereign citizen
  2. The last thing he posted was on his instagram story saying he was about to do a charity this weekend in miami.
  3. She deserved it. Also fuck cops! Your probably a fat retard who rides the short bus to school. Talk to me when you been placed in cuffs, all cops except @BaDaBiNg_10-8 are sovereign citizens.
  4. Rip to the god He will be missed.... Does anyone know who killed him yet?
  5. Rip Squirt the turtle...
  6. 23k subs good shit
  7. You’re 16 and have acne all over your face, I can’t tell the difference between a pizza and your face. Also don’t ever talk to dad like that again, he is right you’re a cry baby bitch.
  8. #OSB4CM
  9. wanna join us for some cartel fights? We will teach you how to use a 7.62 but first make sure you have the tallent.
  10. #freesky #freerevise #freedally #unwipedally #unwiperevise #unwipesky
  11. hella +1 I got it for 99 cents during winter sale
  12. actually ended up getting it for 225 because of a rebate and i’m about to go pick it up from the store in 30 mins so I’m happy with the ads coming to my email.
  13. I was looking at gtx 1060 sac 6gb for 250 is it a good deal and does anyone have a 1060?
  14. Come to the D I'll show you around. We can get some crack, meth, weed, and molly off the same street.