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  1. I can’t tell if you’re just straight stupid or incoherent....
  2. with v2 coming out soon the stellar steam roll will be back.
  3. Please don’t talk shit about cartels when I was single handily shitting on your gang during gang wars...... Also do you know what a space button is???
  4. I’ll be waiting for the montage.
  5. @Marzoh think they can handle the stellar steam roll? and gl
  6. Wow they can make robots that can shoot basketballs but can't put the 2jz in the new supra........
  7. calling all stellar bots! Young marzoh landed in cali and is having a good time. The boys will be playing tonight if anyone would like to join please join ts! <3
  8. As the young stellar boys get on a late saturday night to do some gaming, we had to wait for cops to actually log on and people to fight. After finally being about to start a bank a group of admins and 12 year olds who’s mouse 1 didn’t work decided to improvise with the G key....... Huge thanks to everyone who buys 30 nades. <3
  9. Asylum v2 gang wars could have potential.......
  10. use needle nose pliers to get the plug out of your mic..... Common sense will kill ya.
  11. I would expect nothing less.
  12. Mid tier arma 3 players welcome
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