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  1. Tricks

    Time to say goodbye

    So I can’t dpi you anymore?
  2. Tricks


    The only thing i will respect you for is that you fought for the country I live in other then that you can call me a shit head and whatever you want. Nor am I tearing up at all, I just had to show that you need to give respect to earn respect that shit don’t fly in in the field I work in.
  3. Tricks


    Please explain?
  4. Tricks


    The clip shows what it needs, that you obviously don’t know how to respect others. I was reinstated do to the fact of your lack of respect and how you act towards others. Now on to the fact of you blaming @The Monopoly Man @DarkKnight and @Subaru just shows you were playing for power and not for fun. Also my apologies to you three this post was to show he shouldn’t get any power back because he doesn’t know how to handle it. Yes I’m younger then you but doesn’t mean the respect goes both ways as a LT you should be helping others and know how you deal with crazy communications. You have a lot of learning still to do. Have a good day
  5. Tricks


    Like I said in my previous post I showed up late and they were getting trashed by @Jimbo gang at the time. I asked and was ignored, again should never come back.
  6. Tricks


    Actually they were talking about non bank communications. When I asked a question because I showed up late, I then proceeded to ask the question and got ignored as if I wasn’t there but you obviously fail to that no ranking officer should be screaming at another of the question.
  7. Tricks


    Sorry but shit Lt never should come back..... Doesn't answer questions if you aren't friends with him and can't keep his calm.
  8. Tricks

    Kareem Kinte | Montage #4

    You get drunk off one wine cooler and act like a badass on arma 3.... Also if you want to show up to my house and beat my ass too let me know, I'll buy the ticket.
  9. Tricks

    Page - Apology

    What a qt
  10. Tricks

    P a g e - Asylum Last

    It’s just like a credit card you get approved max it out and never pay it off. Then your credit goes down and law suits. I think he should get another chance.
  11. offer up my other 3 crates all sold for 600k so pm me offers all are for sale and i’ll get you a picture.
  12. so got a 2 and 3 crater under 1.6k to meth and 2 one craters under 1k.
  13. Tricks

    Montage 24

    Hello Mr. Marzoh I personally would like to say great montage! You keep up it good sir! Your fellow brother tricks from the Stellar News Team!
  14. Tricks

    I was banned.

    07 buddy