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  1. You’re turn soft! Snap out of it cadet!
  2. well don't stick your dick in the cat and he would not have died.
  3. Lol i was being serious if you’re going to be a child and run and tell, leave and never come back you baby back bitch.
  4. didn’t even know you existed
  5. I hope she teaches us how to make moonshine next!
  6. I'm sorry you think that but we all play for fun, at the end of the day its a game that I enjoy playing. I could careless what they think or do I just do me and have a good time.
  7. I had the most fun in a while i haven’t played in a long time and enjoyed playing for the first time just having fun not playing seriously or for kills, i have come down to its a game have fun playing it or don’t play it at all.
  8. shut up you thumb looking faggot
  9. fights against fudgers gang was actually fun for me, I haven’t played in a lot time so I was rusty. Other then the mindless side chat bs you fat retards kept saying good fights had fun let’s do it again.
  10. Nope
  11. Lmao a toaster? I have a decent computer that allows me to play with no lag on any game and to do school work, I could care less about what’s inside it.
  12. @Marzoh @tryhardsqueaker @ChicoXL I miss you all
  13. lmao
  14. TB! to when I played arma.
  15. Well I would to shape my body into being cut and lean. I don’t want to be so skinny, I need to get full body work outs that will show improvements in the look of my body.