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  1. Osb the great eyebrow dancer good job.
  2. If you listen closely his dad sounds 12 so it was more then likely fake.
  3. Prays go out to all of you hope you stay safe and gl to you all.
  4. WHAT! he has been trying to roast our boy osb @OperationSB
  5. yeah I got his number too from his google+ and he has no idea I keep calling him.
  7. They do something good like new group cap, killing the shit cartels, then you complain about a cartel you were never around for. Sigh people can never be happy.
  8. When she says rawr xD
  9. hahaha I love it!
  10. ....
  11. Bye yung Frankie
  12. I swear half the kids who play pubg are brain dead.
  13. good one but Sl stood for Shameless!