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  1. thanks nerd. <3
  2. What's server is this?
  3. ill buy the 70k right now
  4. If you weren't a retard you would log out outside of rebel.
  5. yup I listen to a lot of music of all different types just not country.
  6. Lil Uzi has his songs.
  7. Nav, Lil Pump, smokepurpp, playboi carti, russ.
  8. Shit I can pay 10 dollars and get fbi
  9. Asking the same questions.... @Marzoh hey buddy I like the tage but I think at 20 you gotta stop.
  10. Gosh too bad we lost the meme channel aka(cartels) back in primitive @Dally @Operation Smoked Bacon @tryhardsqueaker @Pause @Obu Obu Obu
  11. I am an avid Facebook user and staring to learn Instagram. I also enjoy reading when I can find he time.
  12. Well it's 25 to sign up and as low as 10 dollars a hour to rent.
  13. @Sandwich