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  1. rename and retry?
  2. stay there please. ty
  3. Ok buddy sure. you would eat me not fight me
  4. Yup thanks for the ddos faggots new ip will be in play tmr.
  5. Shit I had to learn this last year, I copy and pasted all the answers off a friend. If it was Java, css or html I got you but this sorry man.
  6. proud shut up before I go in your ts and make you cry again. Also many of us play olympus and the fights are a joke just like you buddy.
  7. good one...
  8. I’m going to guess your fellow fighters hate you as well?
  9. napps twin @Napp
  10. Never said it was bad just the one closet to me does not that the study I need or want.
  11. It's not VR shit is just hard with the movment.
  12. Um all I hear is boonk gang whole lot of gang shit.
  13. I'm not going to a community college. I got accepted to many other schools in my state, it all depends on what one has the degree I want to go for. @Sugarfoot It's so fucking hard I played it and only got a bullet in once then they shot me so I just be a dick and hold hands and hit guns off the table.
  14. maybe you should stop talking about finger when you have no income other then food stamps.