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  1. When’s this bitch happening?
  2. Get off the computer and take care of your child.
  3. Peace brother after a long also most 4 years playing together out of our highschool days I can definitely say we had our ups and downs as friends but we always made up in the end. Love you brother you want to chill anytime you got my number and i’m only a street away.
  4. To the man who fights 12 year olds in skype with a chip bag in his head and no pants on.
  5. Fake btw
  6. if you bots show up.....
  7. Ok thank you!
  8. @Gen. Henry Arnold If you place a bounty on someone does it tell you? Also can cops see it?
  9. Still won’t fight?
  10. Beautiful nick! See you around my guy.
  11. happy wife happy sister
  12. Joeytrap is daddy!!!
  13. Why does your rook sound like a staple gun?
  14. 1. You’re not your. 2. Find not fine. 3. not who play that trash games it’s Who you plays that amazing game.
  15. Now this is funny