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  1. I put a lot of hours into battlefield hardline, it’s not the most popular battlefield but try any of the battlefield games
  2. Or maybe bounty hunters don’t get honor from turning a small bounty such as 3 or 4k because hats what most bounty hunters are in for
  3. If you want cop gear don’t be a cunt, just have some fun, as a cop I don’t care about losing my gear to a civ if they at least entertain me while I’m kidnapped.
  4. ^
  5. Advanced pilot mode my ass
  6. Yea I miss solo capping for cash
  7. If I buy my own drug runner plane do I need to pay 15k to start a drug runner mission?
  8. A protest sign saved my life from a passenger seat switcher in a quad
  9. I don’t think the 5 min safety period after you get a bounty on your head is plausible, but I would be down to increase the Mininum bounty to at most 5k. 10k is too much and 2.5k is too small.
  10. Sometimes bounty hunters are a pain in the ass but that’s just part of the game, if you commit a crime there are consequences.
  11. I got VDM banned because I flew into a crowd of people when I ran out of gas
  12. Also, taking workout supplements are good as long as they are mostly natural, take the recommended amount and you are fine. Phosphator and augment are pills which might look bad but it’s ok. You can still make plenty of gains without them but it’s easier with them. - good luck with you workouts @Tricks
  13. I stopped taking it years ago and my maxes are the same. Look into it, if it’s legal then it’s fine, fitness competitions don’t care if you use it.maybe you should look into workout supplements you might get better gains.