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  1. Lucky you. Did the same thing and lasted about two weeks before being caught.
  2. Pretty cool how it changes to "Laurel" once I think of the word in my head. Once I stop thinking about it, it changes back to "Yanny".
  3. @jphman, don't get any ideas from this...
  4. 1. How do I disband my gang? Do I just leave it? 2. If I disband my gang, will I no longer own the house, or I will I still be able to keep it with the storage?
  5. @JaxxonMurphy @Action_Jaxon
  6. Enjoy!
  7. Enjoy!
  8. heLL0
  9. +1
  10. I'm dying
  11. Congratulations on your promotion, @Clockwerk!
  12. That would be me...
  13. Thanks for the memorable times we had. I never thought this day would come. I wish you the best of luck in the future, and hopefully you'll come back some time. Stay in touch. o7 from Smelly Joe.
  14. So terrible to hear that this happened. It's great to know that he's doing okay, though. Get well soon, @J. Urbanowski!
  15. 800
  16. I love you guys @Action_Jaxon @xlOutsiderlx
  17. The Meth Lab spawns east more, in fact. A few updates ago I remember Bamf telling me he "tweaked the meth processing spawn formula a touch" (more likely to spawn east than north). The Meth Lab spawn is definitely not 50/50; I am not sure about the spawn probability for the other drug fields, though.
  18. Tried that plan for a week or so and never got anywhere above 150 Mbps. I'm just using their 150 Mbps upload/download plan now, which is working great.
  19. You have the Fios gigabit plan, @Mayhem?
  20. Welcome!
  21. I'll try it out.
  22. How's it quick? Now that all cities have a radius, you have to go quite far out to find a good area with trees and then drive back to a market, which is usually done with a truck. Admittedly, it was extremely easy and fast with the Donor town trick, but that's been fixed now.
  23. The POP from the secondary explosion at 4:23 has me dead... LOL! #IWalked500Miles
  24. Welcome to the Asylum community!