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  1. Yes, to bring back Gang life Colored Ifrits should be added
  2. i'm glad I could make it into the video
  3. Will be missed, was a great singer.
  4. You can't even take the signs out anymore, so people only use them to drop onto cars causing them to explode killing massive amounts of people. I think it would be a good idea to remove them because that's the only use they have now.
  5. There would just be a bunch of dicks all over the walls
  6. +1 Both 10/10 Governors
  7. But what if there is only 1 minute till restart and @Farmer Steve doesn't want to pay for his kidnapping charges?
  8. Hell on wheels and The office are high quality shows
  9. Where do you see what tier the community is at.
  10. Agreed server 4 has been straight lagging for over an hour now and can't do anything on it without dropping dead after someone shot you 10 minutes earlier