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  1. $5
  2. The real question is, why's this grown man playing with a 12 year old.
  3. Ill give you 10 blood bags
  4. Cops are above Bounty Hunters @The Official Shadow
  5. Server 1 can't handle over 80 people please fix
  6. Will be remembered as a legend
  7. Did this for the memes
  8. Motion Blur Smh
  9. Can't tell what's more cringe, the fact you labeled the video killing cops and you only killed two cops or all of the cringe editing in the video.
  10. Yes... yes it does
  11. Ignore @Maric terrible African accent in the background
  12. Nobody fights oil anymore. You don't make money from the cartel, because nobody does rubber so there is no point in fighting it. It takes a really long time to get a high yield of Rubber, and I think making rubber the item that the cartel generates again, will create more activity on the cartel.
  13. I feel like this is becoming a meme at this point with how many post people have made trying to get the devs to bring these maps back
  14. Spotify
  15. I like the 1 minute procedure. It fills my heart with joy getting to unload an entire lethal mag into a civ to give them there pardon. Please don't take away my 1 minute procedure