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  1. Why this low key slap, beat is fire btw
  2. This man typed "SIT" in under half a second. You can tell he is an experienced veteran.
  3. Because it did not come home @Bazzajack
  4. while you're at it make police combat medic uniforms
  5. Suicide vest compilations are meant to be funny, not trying to show off how good I am at the game.
  6. Can't tell what's worse the content or the overwhelmingly loud and annoying music.
  7. This is just an idea to make Asylum even less Rp
  8. I like this Idea. I think once someone has been in the APD for a year they should get the tag of Senior (Rank). I think it could help newer officers realize which officers have more experience and would be better suited for questions they might have. It also would be a cool accomplishment
  9. Try downing a kid on top of bank using an MXM that has carryalls, a lvl 3 vest and a helmet it takes up to 4 shots sometimes. Stop being a bot and learn how to dodge a bullet
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