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  1. Why do dumb maps when you can do Chernarus
  2. They should do a separate single server that is modded but still keep the old ones. I've been playing on Asylum for over a year now and it has gotten to the point where it is starting to get very boring. I think opening Asylum up to the modded community could really help the server last longer, and allow it to open up to a larger audience of people.
  3. No RDM was committed in the making of this video
  4. Just think, logging onto Asylum, no lag, walking out onto your porch and relaxing in your rocking char, watching your crops grow. Would truly be a great life
  5. LOL I love Stevie yelling "hands up or die" as he's shooting
  6. You would never be able to search or seize anything off of anybody in Kavala if it was like that.
  7. Very underrated fix, thank you for finally fixing this
  8. But where's the new CONTENT
  9. I've never seen anyone so bravely speak their mind against the APD in these ways before, these are facts the APD has tried to hide for years. Will you please lead our siege against the APD to destroy their heinous unlawful organization from the inside, and reform it where civilians will no longer deal with these non RP cops
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