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  1. Where I come from doesn’t negate the truth about the state of asylum, lol.
  2. You seem triggered that he pointed out the truth. Dead servers btw. Dead forums btw. Also napp(trippie redd) is a fucking mong
  3. To be fair I carted you guys around for like 20 minutes trying to think of an escape plan against a qilin full of unrestrained cops.
  4. @Clockwerk piece this fool up, we can’t have homophobia in this place
  5. I find that it’s best to just go full Durga on people like you. “Ok you got 10 minutes, cya later nerd”
  6. I miss asylum exposed.
  7. Durga is the best and there’s no denying.
  8. Can we get a top 10 shittest Asylum admins? #1 would be @Clint Beastwood for obvious reasons.
  9. ive been banned and have received three apd points, plus a verbal warning, in a month since being unbanned. i think im doing alright? mod queue btw
  10. I would buy an orca just for this skin pls no paywall bamf
  11. I’d like to request that the Scooby-Doo skin be added to the transport van please cargo van only holds 2 people, that’s not realistic for a Scooby-Doo themed skin. I need to be able to hold at least 4 people and a dog.
  12. i dont see the problem, are you sure you linked the right video?
  13. You should honestly just delete your forum account.
  14. Heavy breathing is low on funds so I actually appreciate this guide, +1