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  1. Rdm

    can confirm, swear if i ever see this cunt in kavala, im doming him with my rook what server do you play on btw? @kaiser_harding
  2. denial
  3. The white knights of asylum are funny
  4. I joined as "I know when asylum is dying" and ifrit bitch kicked me smh
  5. 2 months since last update... dead game dead server btw
  6. 1000+cc supersport or nothing btw
  7. I believe heavy breathing, @The Monopoly Man, and @TaeJon were responsible for this rule change after many nights in kavala yelling hands up or die and killing literally everyone. Asylum’s minimal role play was the best.
  8. responsible for it being shit and dying, yes you are correct.
  9. This guy is a fkn warrior, deserves money not a ban.
  10. ? I’m banned for two weeks homie
  11. @Norwegianviking
  12. when will u cunts realize ur all faggots for arguing over internet forums for a dying arma 3 life server. ur all fkn pathetic squeezers, get over it.