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  1. it has been a while since this happened, but i decided to cut them all together for your viewing pleasure. unban me btw. posted Monday, just approved today, btw
  2. dont be a retard and down cops? if you're a legit bh then you have no worries
  3. do us asylum permabannies get a second second chance on identity? asking for a friend
  4. wow, this looks fucking terrible. that said, do bans from assylum carry over?
  5. You’re all shit.
  6. how the fuck is your sig allowed to be that aids?
  7. Us girls have to stick together, welcome to the community @Sierra
  8. Unban me and I will deal a swift justice on these people. The passenger seat does not discriminate.
  9. agreed, unban me and bully 2k17
  10. I enjoyed my two months back on asylum, vdm, rdm and everything else included. Cheers boys. (Hope this post gets approved) Here's my favorite moments from being back.
  11. Yes all banned people must play on server 5 only. That would be a dream come true.
  12. same
  13. Unfair ban tbh, I did nothing wrong.
  14. Rdm

    can confirm, swear if i ever see this cunt in kavala, im doming him with my rook what server do you play on btw? @kaiser_harding