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  1. i'm getting this same issue, except i've been getting this strange error message for the past year
  2. tell her about your extensive history in one taps
  3. ill add that i've never ban evaded or attempted to be unbanned by force, i've always put in my appeals and have been very open to response and literally nobody will talk to me about anything and take my side of the story. like me and sean are completely silenced for no fucking reason lol
  4. i'm banned forever for defending myself outside of the server lol (personal affairs with sean) and people that cheat and globally get banned are unbanned, quite amazing
  5. snip
  6. whatever he payed i'll pay for being banned for defending myself against the people that doxed me lol we're on year two and sheep has been unbanned x10 more times than i have and also banned x10 more than i have lol
  7. I think pretty much everything is self explanatory lol The crates although should have some sort of information to them for marketing reasons
  8. my name is krypton and i eat bugs
  10. ah yeah i haven't played in forever
  11. i know most of the old members left, and i know the reasoning behind them leaving... but I never played just for cartels and gang life, lol. I always loved the APD and literally just running around talking to people and having fun (as most new players do)
  12. like seriously again the location is awesome and a GREAT idea for a prison. I just think it can be expanded upon with some sort of new, fresh design
  13. hopefully clearing some things up
  14. I still think the Pygros prison is like, the perfect location for the prison. I think the old design can be scrapped and re-designed. The deer-stands we're the only huge factor and was almost always used as the escape route through helicopter. I really don't think the prison should happen anywhere else besides that island. The bridge concept is honestly the coolest thing ever and there's so many other ways of getting to the Prison besides using the bridge. Like, not even bringing the old prison back, but more the old location with some sort of new design honestly at least.