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  1. I didn't actually charge him with it for that.
  2. Nerd

    1. Ava


      you're a what?

  3. Nooooooooo
  4. Have funnnnnnnnnn
  5. @Ghostshot not an epic fail if I wanted to be vested at that point, I wanted to see it happen because I knew it would be great. Its only an epic fail if I actually wasn't prepared for it.
  6. Very true @Lone Ranger DK was oblivious to it, Jaylen and I were like "we're going in".. We both called out you were missing and probably hiding with a vest but went in anyways
  7. Listen Ghost, I knew something like that was coming, I walked into that willingly and it was an epic vest. I don't consider that a fail
  8. @Lone Ranger I was prepared, I knew something was up when you were missing in the street, I ain't even mad it was epic!!! haha!
  9. You are welcome iFox, I feel as if I am partially to blame for this, but it's epic.
  10. Ghost, you know me by now.. of course I am going to be the one to catch that!!!!!!!
  11. lmao I caught that, was pretty good. 10//10 sir!
  12. He didn't leave a beep after the message as you requested. What a fail.. I was expecting him to make a loud beeping noise.