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  1. Hard to miss this Tony, one of those things you just can't keep your eyes off of it.
  2. Happens all the time, it's kavala. Even the officers wanna jump sometimes.
  3. I didn't actually charge him with it for that.
  4. Nerd

    1. Ava


      you're a what?

  5. Nooooooooo
  6. Have funnnnnnnnnn
  7. @Ghostshot not an epic fail if I wanted to be vested at that point, I wanted to see it happen because I knew it would be great. Its only an epic fail if I actually wasn't prepared for it.
  8. Very true @Lone Ranger DK was oblivious to it, Jaylen and I were like "we're going in".. We both called out you were missing and probably hiding with a vest but went in anyways
  9. Listen Ghost, I knew something like that was coming, I walked into that willingly and it was an epic vest. I don't consider that a fail
  10. @Lone Ranger I was prepared, I knew something was up when you were missing in the street, I ain't even mad it was epic!!! haha!
  11. You are welcome iFox, I feel as if I am partially to blame for this, but it's epic.