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  1. How dare Clint ban people that break the rules when they play here regularly. Such a dick, he should save those bans for those that rarely play
  2. o7 Gnashes. You do deserve some more respect than you ever received here!
  3. It is indeed a beautiful penis. Perfect size and shape
  4. I still have 8 mill in my account. Flip me? 8 mill vs 8 mill
  5. I use Adidas Energy boost for running. I can run 10-15 kilometer(6-10 miles) with them on asphalt without my ankles and knees hurting afterwards. Also works well in the woods and gravel
  6. RIP my fallen comrades
  7. Did Cypher apply?
  8. Well, you can trust any idiot to answer some questions in Teamspeak, but give em a little power and they blow up the house. Should just promote like 25 people to support staff
  9. Regiment member(just finished gathering ephedra): MOTOOOOOOOOWN, Anders didnt give me 100% comp for my hmmt box meth run, he is so biased against us
  10. Lets look at the rule: RDM is killing/downing another player without any type of HOSTILE role-play being initiated and reasonable amount of time for the target to react. If you rook a dude in the leg and he doesnt die, you are not killing/downing him. However doing so is a huge risk, as the dude you are shooting might have 1HP before you shoot him and you then kill him, which is RDM.
  11. why couldnt you just copy in the description here?
  12. Dude, avocado fries good?
  13. So if I understand your comment correctly. Unbanning 1 script kiddie will magically add a bunch of gangs back doing a ton cartel fighting. It will bring back like 70 other people filling up rosters on like 10-15 gangs so that’s always someone online on the servers to fight?