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  1. the only thing that stops us from completing our arrests is people who combat log, and god fucking hell so many CL it's ridiculous.
  2. Doesn't matter to me, tilda almost never work
  3. You actually get the firearms license when you buy BH license
  4. What's the point of moving The bounty hunter shop out of towns if we can't buy simple things like FAKs? Gear is not so much more expensive for rebels than BHs. Only a few 1000
  5. Most people do. They get a text, chill around for 40 seconds and nothing happens and they go back to do whatever it is they were doing
  6. Ye that Kimbo admin really loves to ban people!
  7. Because the cocain money making on tanoa is just free money. The entire server is just holding hands while makiing money in hmmt boxes
  8. I found out what happened to the servers.
  9. What server is this dude on? i could use some fast easy money
  10. I thought those faces caused massive lag since you could put MP3 sounds on them
  11. Stay patient. You obviously were not around for when large crates didn't work for 3 months and small crates semi worked
  12. If you land on the road in front of a car, expect to get hit
  13. Mass kicks confirmed fixed!
  14. Yes, please give us general store and medical assistance(heal, not meds) there
  15. I'm good with numbers and excel, I'll do some auditing for you while you fix this bug. Not gonna lie, as a bounty hunter, this bug is really game breaking. You can't click escort on multiple people to avoid them running away, so you need to run around with 1 as meatshield. We always quickly click escort on them to avoid them doing stuff. I have seen people run away and hide in houses, ran and drowned themselves, ran back to their friends in cover, block doors openings, run and block shot for their friends(since they have godmode). I think that every single way it's possible to abuse this, I have seen, and more than half the people we down and restrain abuse this in some way. Please fix, I'll give you 1 bottle of the finest bud light lime you can find at the liquor store