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  1. You didnt find a smaller GIF?
  2. Not rdm/attempted rdm to shoot out someones wheels
  3. That account would always be empty as someone would always buy those free vehicles and resell them
  4. Fuck you americans!
  5. Try scroll mouse wheel or see if you have keybound that to something else
  6. Are you spending that much time in jail?
  7. bruh, you wouldn't survive 5 min in Kavala with a rook
  8. NFL

  9. So I do 15 too many Harley jokes and now you don't trust me anymore
  10. 150k if you say who he is
  11. That was just a shitty Exile base
  12. Don't forget he once claimed he made 1.5mill a year and are driving a Ferrari
  13. He has to or else his parents will ground him for being too loud after bed time
  14. Maybe someone is messing with you. I used to go invisible when shark was at meth lab and made bird noises, yelled APD hands up etc