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  1. That right there is probably some of the most fun I've had on Asylum
  2. I think that means I'm still in the lead
  3. Then this your time to shine. What are your actual ideas to fix the economy? What’s bad with the current economy and what need changed?
  4. Because people was sent to jail by friends, shared the bounty, was broken out and arrested again by their friends and shared money again. I think it was changed when that one streamer zombiewall or something did that with his group while he had a 10 mill bounty
  5. Hang on, I can coin toss into a fountain? I’ve missed out on one of the major features
  6. That was the thought process behind patch 6.0
  7. Budbringer


    It’s not really that much taxes. He probably only payed 30% taxes
  8. It is indeed a beautiful penis. Perfect size and shape
  9. I still have 8 mill in my account. Flip me? 8 mill vs 8 mill
  10. I use Adidas Energy boost for running. I can run 10-15 kilometer(6-10 miles) with them on asphalt without my ankles and knees hurting afterwards. Also works well in the woods and gravel
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