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  1. I'm guessing thats Bamf
  2. He is the asshole who owns the house in athira between bounty hunter shop and dmv, and always locks his house. So uncool of him to lock it so I have to keep running around it! Also, Rodopoli, thats who he is
  3. I think it would be better for the cops to get the ability to remove individual charges and get reduced jail time trough that
  4. Tax time is awesome. I just fill out a form once a year, takes me 3 minutes, and I always get money back since I purpousely pay 2% too much tax
  5. They did. Where does it say you will get 100% if you get a duplicate?
  6. When I checked the crate buy place, this is what it says Loot crates are found or purchased in the game world and can only be opened with special keys purchased right here. Some of the rarest rewards are found inside. What is it about this that makes you feel scammed?
  7. How many legendary items did you expect to get with your first 5 keys?
  8. Asylum is based in Canada.
  9. Thats why you dont RP with cops, just tell them to jail you straight up, so you dont waste too much time being captured. Saving 10++ min on being insta jailed is pretty sweet. Love being out of jail when the other still have close to 20 min left on their sentences
  10. Was that Koodoo? The guy who got dev job on A3L because he claimed he made a bunch of Asylums features
  11. Because before bamf, everything had to be bounced of paratus. We had a coder who worked on stuff, Chronic was his name. He used to make a bunch of stuff, then Paratus would toss up the test server a couple of days later, stuff would be tested and whatever bugs that were discovered and he fixed, paratus then had to host the server again so we could test, and that could take a week.
  12. Ive been thinking of what to comment here, but this is just such a good video, so Im completely stumped
  13. I see I gotta step up my game to catch you! Quad bike armor > Ifrit armor @Tiger you died a couple of times here
  14. Norwegianviking. I think Alec have secretly turned him and one they we are alll together, norwegianviking will down all of us and sell us to FSA