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  1. how to play disc priest pvp
  2. Can't, other servers will steal the idea
  3. The CL sucks, not much you can do with that except report. You do get some compensation from it. If you are close enough to a rookwarrior that he can rdm you, then I think you are handling a rookguy wrong. You have scope on a rifle, he has 9mm, distance is your friend. Whenever I was BH I had a pretyped message on the clipboard, so I just open my phone, text the person. If you use your voice, you are close enough that they see you and can shoot you. What is a large bounty to you? From my experience, there are many bounties in the 15-50k range that are 1 or 2 dudes together, a group you should be abe to take down by yourself. When I said ambush I didnt mean have a superior position on someone and try to RP them into surrender, only an idiot would surrender and not try to fight. What I meant is, if you know they are doing drugs, you use that as a knowledge and go set up at drug dealer/processer. When they interrect with the dealer/processer, they have to stand still for a second or 2. Then you just shoot them in the face. No RP needed and they are not able to defend themself. Quickly blindfold them, escord away and rob them when you got some distance and turn them into jail. Then come back for their truck later and steal their stuff
  4. Neither should he be able to. Taking down big bounties is not really that hard. You just need to catch them where they don't expect it, such as drug dealer, rebel etc etc. Use your trackers to see what they are doing and set up a trap for them there before they arrive Bounty hunters are kind of OP with their mxs. Theres no more csat carrier lite tanks, so whoever you get in combat with, you down with at most 3 bullets, most of the times 1 or 2.
  5. When they play against each other, the scoreboard looks like this:
  6. So, when does the fights start today?
  7. Heh, no, I just read this as I started playing spintires, and Ive been stuck in the mud for like an hour 40 min now, so I just forgot to close this page We did finish the map, but I lost connection 3 seconds prior to us finishing, so I lost all the credit for completing it...
  8. Tell him to save up money for his first downpayment or get a cheaper place. If he has the future payments under control because he has a job, then he wouldnt need to send his dog away. I mean, he is living for free(?) while employed
  9. Just kidnap the straight cops, problem solved
  10. Well, you have been banned by Hammerlock for scripting
  11. That MX is so strong, if anything, the MX should be removed from BH
  12. So its easier to CL now then Just bypass it and say, bruh, I didnt shift minus, see, theres no chat message
  13. HEY, you started it
  14. @Skalicon
  15. That was tried once, but underwater fighting in arma sucks ass