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  1. 60 dollars. what kind of bullshit price is that?
  2. Thank you
  3. I watched the first 4 episodes of SAO. That show is pretty fucking good. First anime I have watched and loving it so far. @Eazy.lookinass now you can call me a weab
  4. Dude, Im no weab, I have not seen the first episode yet
  5. I agree to an extenct of that, I do prefer things on their language of origin(like english books vs them translated), but when I watch tv I like to pull out my phone, text and stuff, and still follow the show, without having being forced to focus on subtitiles. I tried watching this french show thats suposed to be very good, but I couldnt make it past episode 1 because of that very reason =/
  6. I watched the trailer for SAO and that looked pretty good. Where do you watch them with English voice?
  7. Seg requirement on arma 3 in Norway is 16
  8. That is ridiculously cheap. Thats practically giving it away for free
  9. Like any cop would hand over a big bounty like that Any player thats not sent to jail yet, is fair game for Bounty hunters
  10. How else would you steal bounties from the police?
  11. Fuck you, yes we are!
  12. Full hard drive?
  13. You dont need a lot of knowledge of the server to be able to answer some questions over teamspeak. All you need to know is how to gather meth, that your role does not grant any actual powers and you are good. What is it a career cop might not know that a career rebel does? How to buy a mk1? It was just him who applied, so he got the part due to no competition
  14. Nah FAM, he is CM, not support staff
  15. You are saying that like its a negative thing