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  1. So if I understand your comment correctly. Unbanning 1 script kiddie will magically add a bunch of gangs back doing a ton cartel fighting. It will bring back like 70 other people filling up rosters on like 10-15 gangs so that’s always someone online on the servers to fight?
  2. Granted I have not played in a while, but the things I remember people complaining about then and still when I talk to people is that the load outs are too expensive compared to income, and making money is too much of a grind and tedious, the whole system performance problem and group cap to low(not sure after they increased it). unbanning 1 dude wont fix those issues. Would be a better to fix those issues and other issues I don’t know of that would make the whole cartel thing fun again. Then the fighting would commence again
  3. Why would anyone bother showing up when you know there’s a script kiddie on the other team?
  4. Well damn
  5. Selling my lvl 7 playerID for some fresh crypto
  6. Nothing gay about sending your buddies dick picks
  7. Use your lunch break
  8. Your first mistake is going to Kavala with gear. To beat kavala trolls, you need to be one. Grab your po7 and you will win Kavala
  9. Possible to get a free pc key with that pass?
  10. 60 dollars. what kind of bullshit price is that?
  11. Thank you
  12. I watched the first 4 episodes of SAO. That show is pretty fucking good. First anime I have watched and loving it so far. @Eazy.lookinass now you can call me a weab
  13. Dude, Im no weab, I have not seen the first episode yet
  14. I agree to an extenct of that, I do prefer things on their language of origin(like english books vs them translated), but when I watch tv I like to pull out my phone, text and stuff, and still follow the show, without having being forced to focus on subtitiles. I tried watching this french show thats suposed to be very good, but I couldnt make it past episode 1 because of that very reason =/
  15. I watched the trailer for SAO and that looked pretty good. Where do you watch them with English voice?