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  1. Because when mom say no and dad say no, and they get a divorce, the cool step dad will say yes so his kids will like him
  2. Just don't report that you can use the debit card in the clothing shop and it wont get fixed
  3. Something could be done, by you. Buy a toolkit, repair car in 10 seconds, cops are still dead. Enter car and drive away
  4. You guys needs to come up with some better insults than "fatty", its making me yawn
  5. NO, I WANT MY FREE STUFF NOW!!!!!!!!!
  6. I bought 5 of them yesterday for a combined 4 dollars. Really fun game! Edit: They removed the DLCs from Steam because they are releasing Ultimate Edition, guess I got lucky
  7. Alll the DLCs are 85% off
  8. This looks like a lot of fun. I do have some question I wonder about. What weapons are in the mode? What are a general ball park numbers on expensive gear(and vehicles)? How will balancing work, like if there are 40 bluefor on and 15 opfor Will this be tanoa only, or are the are any plans of putting this on other maps(there are some of us who dont have the dlc) Will there be any rules? Or can I buy hummingbirds and slam them into other peoples vehicles to blow them up? I got 11mill Asylum cash and there are some crybabies in this thread that deserve some Kavala street justice!
  9. The thing about going above market price, is that you bid. Just because you had to buy an item for x amount of money, doesnt mean you will always get at least what you payed for it back. Sometimes the item drops in value and sometimes it increases. You should have done more research. If you had just looked for 2 min on the forums, you would have seen that the server was not going to last, its been hinted towards so many place, so you did bad research and lost your investment. Why would any decision be made based on finances?
  10. Karma for looking through the wall
  11. krickenBacker = Krypton, or as some of us remember him as, GrateChester, forum spammer #1 from 2015. Its just his forum account number 5 or 6
  12. Hmm, tell me more about this function!
  13. How the fuck so you expect me to read that entire paragraph at the end of the video in 1 second...
  14. I thought we were still in S1
  15. You seem very informed on how cheats works and how often you need to update them to not get caught