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  1. Well, you have been banned by Hammerlock for scripting
  2. That MX is so strong, if anything, the MX should be removed from BH
  3. So its easier to CL now then Just bypass it and say, bruh, I didnt shift minus, see, theres no chat message
  4. HEY, you started it
  5. @Skalicon
  6. That was tried once, but underwater fighting in arma sucks ass
  7. Don't give false hope
  8. But it was stated publicly that money cap would not be removed, and its "removed" now, so maybe his handholding moneymaking server is coming back
  9. Have you tried this one easy free thing called not breaking the rules?
  10. Those dudes would just do a chargeback when they are done anyway
  11. Is that really comparable though?
  12. Bitch please, its only been 5 days, and only 3 days on your post there
  13. Best swat vehicle. just slam it into walls and blow everyone to hell. Prison break STOPPED!
  14. Did someone guess the password again? Was it Huawei this time?
  15. Because its technically an exploit I think @Jimbo submitted a simple script to fix this, where it just refreshes your clothing