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  1. 180k for an Orca? That's ridiculous
  2. Oh no, we missed out on your child porn RP... Come play Battlegrounds with us! Me and Roice got top 10 with only fryingpans
  3. Why would you let a geared BH inside HQ while processing people?
  4. Playerunknowns Battlegrounds. Its not KOTH Start downloading now and we can play together in about 3 months
  5. Il do it if you come try 10 games with us without getting hooked. Also, as an extra incentive to play it, you are actually able to drive through bushes in this game without its being an invisible wall!
  6. lol get rekd, Goku
  7. Why would you not land as server restarts?
  8. Will the chopped vehicles go on the market?
  9. Some yes, some dont do shit and get all the toys Being continiusely yelled at by kids We tryed doing no admin captains, but unfortunately that didnt work out to well, and we needed to "baby-sit" them
  10. Just reply, "I will get out of groupchat when a higher up responds to me"!
  11. My top point was not sarcasm. What at is close by does not really matter because the issue is the lack of spawn points in donor town. If you want to catch someone you just need to stand completely still waiting for them to spawn at that 1 spawn point that is there. There is 0 risk. If you are lucky they have a slow pc and you can down them while they spawn in on their screen. I have bounty hunted so much, and know how easy it is to catch people at donor town just to run 100 meters and score that easy 150k paycheck. It's too easy and no risk to it
  12. Long drive to get there, you can crash while driving Look at athira rebel, same benefits, close to spawn, medical etc. the difference is that that town(athira) have multiple spawns, so when you respawn you can actually sneak around the garage getting a car instead of hearing hands up or die before you gain control over your character
  13. Not really a high risk area. You arrest naked dudes right next to a court house imo, donor courthouse should be removed
  14. You never fought a 20 ++ man group where about 60% of them are tagged up. That was fun...
  15. Doesn't matter if its an enemy or friend, Tony is lethal with the frying pan