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  1. Fixed
  2. Quick hotfix the next time the servers restart Should fix the 5 minute jail timer, scrollwheel option to turn off prowler lights, and achievement bugs.
  3. We have no plans on adding any mods to Asylum at the current point in time.
  4. Updated
  5. Because you don't have the talent?
  6. There was a pretty bad bug causing issues yesterday until around 6pm est. I wouldn't use yesterday afternoon's performance in any sort of benchmarking.
  7. Hotfix deployed to fix some issues with crates. Also, only LT+ will now have the IR Lasers / scrollwheel options for them.
  8. But you were paid cash for those same efforts. Ideally, Paratus would have just coded it so that when you had every talent, you stop earning honor/prestige.
  9. We're adding a prestige shop? I think it just says "Maxed Out" now. How are you supposed to spend maxed out?
  10. All of that is back to how it's supposed to be.
  11. Yes.
  12. Feel free to hit up Bamf or myself any time. Everything has a price.
  13. We have no plans to make an evidence locker. People are paid when things are seized. The destruction of the item and conversion into cash for the APD is the end of the process.
  14. Also OP - Death row has been in Asylum longer than you've been playing here. I'd appreciate you checking patch notes before complaining next time. Thanks!