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  1. Correct. Should be as if you nothing changed at all.
  2. > Buy meth at 5am > Sell meth at 10pm ???? PROFIT (Yeah, probably not)
  3. That whole ganghouse thing was around 20 hours of writing, testing, debugging, and polishing, all to make sure that ultimately nothing really happens. Shitloads of things change on the backend. On the frontend a map marker moves.
  4. Arma Bug, not an Asylum bug.
  5. Tier 2 Monthly Community Goal
  6. The only thing Bohemia allows us to reward donators with is skins. You can bet that pretty much any skin we add will be a donor item in one way or another
  7. Quillin will have both rebel variants. I have to rewrite a config to make things work for the jeep.
  8. No
  9. Arma is dying. Doesn't help that the game devs view all Life Servers as a cancer to their game.
  10. I've known about that bug for ages. It was just always too low on my list of give a shits.
  11. Those are all Bohemia problems. Not much I can do to fix them.
  12. But I really am.
  13. The default prowler is green. Bamf's vehicleColorCfg entry doesn't have a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th layer texture defined. I'll fix it. ["images\police_prowler.jpg","cop"] to ["images\police_prowler.jpg","cop",_path + "02_black_CO.paa",_path + "03_black_CO.paa","adds_black_CO.paa"]
  14. Not me. Mostly Henry. I just added the skins / rewrote everything that needed to be rewritten for a 3rd crate.