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  1. ARC are given access to tools that pretty much guarantee they *must* be Admins. If any issue is brought to Developer/Owner attention involving ARC not performing their duties because the reported Admin is their friend (and is found to be valid), Bamf and Paratus would take appropriate action.
  2. if((player getVariable ["playerSurrender",false]) || (player getVariable ["restrained",false])) exitWith {hint "How could you possibly access the trunk of this vehicle right now?"};
  3. That one won't actually affect anything. Although I could put a count check to auto-gill blanks there.
  4. Fixed
  5. Yeah. side is actually a format in Arma, so (side == "west") isn't the same as (side == west). I derped when writing that.....
  6. I fixed this just now. I really need to start using isEqualTo..... (also, why does this call and not spawn?) Now
  7. Best I'd be able to offer is to recompile the code and push that out as a patch. Because I legitimately have no idea what could cause it.
  8. S1 is downing. So no clue.
  9. Script failures. Nothing was changed there.
  10. Hotfix #10: Phone calls which have not yet been answered should now end when you die Added Rooks & Flare Guns to UCs #911 will not properly mark the map for police and allow for dispatches Removed Turn Signals for performance reasons Fixed various exploits (seriously guys.... seriously?) Police can no longer place checkpoint materials inside of HQ's. You can no longer access the trunk of vehicle with your hands up. Fixed bug that would prevent some houses from being listed properly Crates which are destroyed will not be able to be toggled into existence until the next server restart.
  11. Not sure if this is something we want done (as it encourages the cops to bunch up)
  12. Very easy.
  13. We have the vast majority of all Life-viable weapons and vehicle already in the game. For what it's worth.
  14. The other thing, it's more fun to get into a car chase with the cops where driving skill matters, than for the cops to just siren and instantly shoot you.