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  1. Updated
  2. It has everything to do with Tanoa and nothing to do with Arma's 50% player loss since January. Do us a favor and just keep your delusional thoughts to yourself. It'll save everyone some wasted time in their lives.
  3. None of it did. He just got upset when Paratus and Bamf told him it wasn't going to. Unfortunately, professional standards prohibit that, as that would fall under the category of "insider trading".
  4. Mechanics to chopshop that let you put someone's car in your garage with no timer and no fee. Heavy Plater Carrier GLs in the Rebel shop. And let's not get started on the staircase he added to the back of coke castle that never saw the light of day.
  5. KBW stopped doing anything for Asylum after he added features and broke balance by adding items without asking for permission first; and was scolded for doing so. He basically wanted free reign to do anything, and got upset once he wasn't able to do so. As for me; I've been slammed with work pretty much nonstop since mid-July. Haven't felt like putting in the time here after working for 9-10 hours every day.
  6. Not even. handleDamage, one line. That said; this is not something we're interest in for the Asylum servers.
  7. Someone "conveniently" gets kicked enough times; we're not fools.
  8. 20% is too high. It's not something Bamf/Paratus would add.
  9. Who should come out even? The gang who fights with 6 guys and wins, or the gang who needs 4 Ifrits and 20 guys in 2 groups to do the same thing? You don't balance payout for a group activity around the break-even price of the group. Because the group can be of drastically different sizes.
  10. Think more 10-15% maximum on everything involving pricing in there, and maybe it'll get considered.
  11. Arma in its entirety is at about 60% as many players for the last 30 days as it was in January 2017. We can't fix the entire game dying.
  12. You're misunderstanding a core gameplay mechanic here. You don't go out to a party to make money. You make money to be able to go party. You make money to be able to fight Cartels, not the other way around.
  13. For us to even begin to consider this, we'd stop automatically depositing (x) amount of money into the fridges every (y) minutes. You can say goodbye to about 60% of your dirty money if that happens. (It's not going to happen regardless, but I'm just saying.)
  14. Not our problem. Please contact your local Bohemia Interactive employee and tell them to fix their shit.