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  1. Correct. If you want 96 weight, wear something else.
  2. Bohemia's Legal Department required us to make a change to ensure people with Pilot Coveralls could not carry a small amount more than people with the Hex Fatigues.
  3. It's been on my list of things to fix.
  4. Because it's pay to win, obviously.
  5. You should go tell this to the BI Legal team!
  6. As Bamf has previously said; this is not something we feel makes sense at the current time.
  7. Take the M14, which is about half the price.
  8. That can happen intentionally if the person he tracks is no longer online/dead/etc.
  9. Just because something is expensive, doesn't mean it should be hard to kill. I also have yet to see the amazing montages of people shooting down Orcas with Rooks at Cartels. Oh, wait, they aren't.
  10. I want to know why your 2k gun can kill my player wearing/carrying 500k in guns, vests, and drugs
  11. We re-patched to fix that. I forgot that isNil needs the variable to be in quotes.
  12. Lethal cap isn't going anywhere. APD should be catching criminals, not killing them.
  13. You can argue whatever helps you sleep at night. Bottom line:
  14. Lack of population once it was balanced with Altis for making money.
  15. I'm just saying what Bamf and Paratus are thinking.