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  2. LOL
  3. Atleast u had a full mag
  4. Almost as good as your yasuo
  5. Put yourself in Dust 2 for example , you are sniping from spawn you are gona get 0 people jumping over to B with 60 Hz and with 144 Hz you are also gona hit 0 ... See the difference ?
  6. thx for your name now i know when to dodge
  7. Everything will be enough but , recomend you get 16gb of ram
  8. No i wont skip to 1:30 im gona watch it from begining to the end, you cant tell me what to do
  9. Finnaly more hats
  10. The legend himself
  12. Uhm think that shoulda been reported ages ago . Yeah 50. cal doesnt dmg civs lately hahha
  13. If Hans saw this video he wouldn't be impressed.