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  1. It was made in one day
  2. Just like england was going to win ;D , we have to watch and see... But yeh it might be france , i dont have that feeling we gona win like i had for every game till france
  3. Yeah ... Dominated from 2nd half
  4. Not for one second i thought we are gona lose to the filithy brits
  6. Wait what happend boy ?
  7. English fans gona sing tomorrow '' It's Coming home, It's Coming home'' =)
  8. mpabe guy is 19 years old ..... man when i was 19 i was thinking am i gona have a pickle in my cheeseburger or not
  9. Let's gooo english fans what are the predictions ? Gona be fun game : ) AJMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HRVATSKA
  10. Jebi se ti stef
  11. Why bring durga up now i miss him again i was just about to fully forget him
  12. Yeah a boss that would be in level 1-10 zone