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  1. That’s where I collect it. I have a map of where I collect from and everything.
  2. Quick everyone like his post!!
  3. Collecting salt from around the world.
  4. I spent 4-5 hours two weekends ago clearing out hacked back accounts.....that was just from a couple hours of a hacker raining money from the sky. Seems like it happens almost daily now.
  5. “Newest” you mean the OG?
  6. Personally I don’t think there has ever been a road map, just a “what can we do this month” and that’s why it’s never been able to be communicated. I would bug Paratus all the time for info.
  7. Problem was when it comes to updates, no matter how much one would ask, we were never given any word about updates, and we including admins heard what was coming out when they said “please run the patch restart on the servers”. Hard to communicate to the community when the CMs got zero information.
  8. Did he used to be Aaron Carter? Lol
  9. PM'd
  10. Lol that was hilarious. Just wanted to be thrown in the damn ocean but he took me up instead.
  11. Looking to buy a house close to the Kavala HQ on Server 1
  12. And a LOT of reports.
  13. Player reports, compensations, account support, all those things that continue to be sent in and need to be completed.....
  14. Verrrrrry slow