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  1. I have the Blue Yeti Blackout. I have a stand so it sits above my monitor. I really hate anything that sits on my desk, weird but it is what it is. I also have a popfilter in front of it, it does help stop picking up light noises, airflow etc. Both were extremely cheap.
  2. So if I read it right, you donate money to the “community goal” OR towards your own donator level?
  3. This. Same thing with Razer headphones.
  4. My money was on Norwegian. Interesting how a video of a quad being driven by a ghost gets turned into a public ban appeal publicly chastising a player because the previous post was hidden. Keeping it classy I see.
  5. He used to be a man hoe so this might be one of many
  6. Lol just realized that
  7. LOL I wish I was.....shit I don't drink :s
  8. LOL I called my brother earlier and he was like "I gotta go, I gotta go BYE" he used to sell pot so I was giving him shit, but he was actually buying his women an engagement ring
  9. Got bored, started an ARK server if anyone is interested. It's the new map Abberation, PvE to start out, then likely some PvP events. steam://connect/ Rare Mushroom Trips PVE 3X/10H/10T
  10. Thats just a jelly donut gun isnt it?