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  1. Not happening, would open up trolling even more. If you have an issue report it, this is a video game filled with a base player age of 14-16 there is bound to be trolls.
  2. Welcome back!
  3. I said IF I die Rosie.... lol
  4. Check with Ifrit Mitch. Thanks.
  5. Yes Nah Mitch has a Russian player needing translation lol and Russian is one of the languages I don't have a translator for, could ask Trump I suppose.
  6. Anyone speak and read Russian?
  7. If it's that frequent and with your location this could be caused by our High Ping kicks, if you naturally have a high ping on our servers you will receive a kick.
  8. @Sergio how many rounds of practice do they get? I'd feel so lost where to go up and down and turn etc, or are he shapes signifying stuff?
  9. Didn't know you were banned. Make an appeal an admin will take a look at it.
  10. Does he actually race drones?
  11. Did I modqueue you?
  12. I still love you Hammi
  13. It's 100% situational based we have removed admins/moderators for abuse of power. We just don't advertise it. Just like player reports, we will give "action taken" but nothing else because maybe we feel it only warranted a conversation, if the reporting player finds out we just had a talk they will bitch and moan that's all the got. People make mistakes, from little mistakes to big mistakes. The removal of an admin depends on the severity and history. Honestly 99% of the admin reports are not even abuse of power....80% are complaints that they feel they were banned falsely and when reviewed the ban was correct. 10% "well I think they did something wrong but I'm not sure" then after reviewing it was nothing, the other 9% people complaining about Gnashes coming back from one of his houses to quick and the last 1% are actual abuse of power claims.
  14. Link to video or lies....