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  1. Lol
  2. <—- lol salty
  3. Majority of the “what happens” is someone’s friends or a “hired hitman” are waiting at the courthouse but if they log that very likely not the case. On occasions I would take the money out of the player’s account and use that to comp the BH, then wait for them to make a comp report asking where that money went to. There really is no admin policy or rule written somewhere saying you can only comp X amount if, it’s at the discretion of each admin. At the end of the day it’s pretend money that’s not costing anyone anything.
  4. The thing you will get told is the reason for lowered amount is “anything could of happened in between” which is true with a lot of travel time, but honestly if you are in say Pygros and they CL the chance is they don’t have friends on to save them, they don’t have any options to escape so CL is their option. That alone shows that the chance that something could of happened is significantly diminished.
  5. I probably would of done 50% of that, that’s not next to or within range to turn in but close to a turn in area. Now if you were somewhere with a lot of travel time in between there is a lot that could happen, ie crashed your car killing you both, get pulled over by a cop or get in a fight with another BH.
  6. Half is what they give out? I always gave full bounty if they were within a reasonable range of the courthouse, that’s shitty.
  7. If you are talking about the house behind the rule sign across Kavala square it’s not for sale.
  8. If you watched and liked Breaking Bad I’d suggest The Ozarks. Shameless is good as well.
  9. I remember hearing about another server giving Paratus or Bamf a script that would keep a player’s body in game that combat logged, thus allowing the player to still be jailed and the downing player to still be paid. Never used obviously. If they used it and it worked I think that would help from the compensation side.
  10. Let’s not get this Mitch post closed because people going back and forth about me. Mitch is in a different role where he will work to communicate with between leaders of rebel/cop/civ leaders something me and Volunteer really did not dive into. Hopefully Mitch gets information that he can pass on to the community and hopefully he will get info from the community that the Devs are willing to do something with. None the less, good luck.
  11. Was waiting for the saltiest child on the server to comment. Hi Sean!
  12. Sadly the poll idea was suggested and was shot down mainly because if it did not fit into the devs agenda or one of their ideas it would not go in. They also made it extremely hard for Smirnoff to make events and use them on the server as one Dev sought out to “de-smirnoff” (removing rewards) participants in events. Either way - Good luck to you @Mitch (IFRIT)
  13. I have the Blue Yeti Blackout. I have a stand so it sits above my monitor. I really hate anything that sits on my desk, weird but it is what it is. I also have a popfilter in front of it, it does help stop picking up light noises, airflow etc. Both were extremely cheap.
  14. So if I read it right, you donate money to the “community goal” OR towards your own donator level?