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  1. I know that, I was wondering if the points carried over properly between seasons
  2. In the description for war point titles (Oppressor, The Punisher), it says total war points across all seasons. Does this actually function, as I am getting close to 200 points (I know, I know, I'm trash)? My fellow gang member claims that he should have it by now, but he does not. Is he just being an idiot or does it actually not function properly ( After the first wipe, who knows)? Does it still just count this season and not the previous?
  3. Still a hobo
  4. Medics don't apply to server rules confirmed?
  5. tom

    "I just wanna die today" me too
  6. Thats just shitty cops
  7. I mean Count Dooku was a Jedi
  8. @Kille you criminal why do your intros remind me of porn intro music
  9. my name is
  10. +1
  11. Lucien 1 Million Reason why: I have played asylum for 3 years, and due to being focused on my education, I have never been able to play enough to reach money cap. I always struggle due to poor luck of runs being interrupted by rebels/cops, and it would please me greatly if I could receive a donation of 1 Million. I love asylum and its community but it is difficult to have fun if all you do is grind money solo to buy loadouts. A donation of 1 Million would be great as I would be able to purchase both loadouts and houses/trucks.