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  1. Whats wrong with running vermins
  2. Heroin field is up there sometimes. There are other things to do near Sofia.
  3. Why don't we just fill in the entire bay with objects so its a nice flat and solid surface
  4. ngl if you land more than 100m away arma will probably kill you anyways
  5. Just go in ts in a police support channel or something and link you app when they ask for it
  6. I know some other servers have a button that you press and it fixes the clothes don't know how well that could be implemented here
  7. My IP is
  8. You want some salt and vinegar chips with your brownies?
  9. B stock 1080s are on sale on evgas website every so often for $399
  10. Do some lines write some lines
  11. I personally feel whitelisted medics has the potential to be really cool as long as it doesn't affect civs to much, maybe implement something like the corporal prestige medic stuff
  12. Maybe if there was a way to do this without getting rid of a civs ability to revive incase the medics are dicking around
  13. People would probably go out of their way to kill medics to get a higher bounty