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  1. Yikes
  2. yah
  3. Nothing wrong with that
  4. "Available now" I wish
  5. ftfy
  6. @MoonManNick
  7. not actually skimancole btw but this dude is smacked
  8. whats the problem
  9. you get a level 30 boost if you buy forsaken and when you finish the forsaken story you automatically get boosted to 50 so its not even a grind
  10. Destiny one was mediocre on release, but I wouldn't blame exotic drops for that. I played as often as I could and rngesus didn't give me any exotics until House of Wolves dropped. (I was too retarded to know who Xur was)
  11. ^^^^^ if anyone wants to add me too my bnet tag is itsLucien#1753
  12. I play its lit but with forsaken exotic drop rates got raped so its a lot more grindy