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  1. 1$
  2. not anymore hes too fat
  3. Has a lot of deals posted, don't know how many are still valid/in stock
  4. 100k + blowjob
  5. easy power boost to get to recommended raid level- mida isnt that difficult and is pretty good
  6. 266? Do the exotic quests boy
  7. asking?
  8. While a 1060 is not a bad card, a higher end 10-series such as the 1080 or 1080 ti would be a better match for the 8700K
  9. Since I don't see anyone else saying it, Coffee Lake CPUs are unsupported on Z270 Chipset motherboards. You will have to buy a Z370 Motherboard
  10. sand can only be bought from skip black from rebel for some reason ive noticed
  11. Coming from an acquaintance, shut up you're embarrassing yourself
  12. I use the MX