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  1. I could see removing hunters as an acceptable nerf
  2. Vape is gay just smoke meth lmaooooo
  3. bridge makes the prison worse for cops tbh i hate the second bridge now ruins my boat push
  4. Maybe he means the ability to sell crates back to the market? Idk
  5. Very annoying from a cop perspective as they are an excellent weapon to attack hqs after a bank etc when there are people being processed
  6. Isn't it because each pellet is handled individually by the server or something (bohemias fault) Ftfy
  7. @STON3COLDK1LL3R you ask for comp?
  8. Lucien

    V2 feedback

    Sad boi hours when the new housing system finally stopped auto duping suppressors (afaik)
  9. Can I also just say the 2nd bridge looks so weird wtf is up with the mainland side lol
  10. Lucien

    V2 feedback

    Rt need to restart my rook collection by going to kavala and disarming everyone
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