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  1. oh boy I dont see how anything could go wrong when someone remotely famous joins the server
  2. I have 3 crater 2km out from scotch i dont want much more than market if you want it 250k
  3. you sure oofed them
  4. I feel after so long of being a bh I have adjusted to use f - at least it is closer to wasd than 1
  5. you can also hit f to bring out your gun
  6. Welcome! I recommend literally anything other than playing arma
  7. action taken
  8. +1 own a shed just up the road good place to make ifirits magically disappear
  9. Get an ssd, best buy has a deal on refurbished ones last time i checked. Ssd sales are posted often on the buildapcsales subreddit as well.
  10. Natural gas burns cleaner than oil afaik. Oil variants that are worse for the environment are typically cheaper and shittier. I like the idea of an illegal variant though, perhaps whaling or something idk
  11. You say that like thats a bad thing
  12. The lumber craze brings back memories for me from when on Australia everyone would do turtles and all be cool, no one would rob each other for a while. Its nice to have that feeling back, kinda