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  1. Lucien

    Lucien is live

  2. Lucien

    Bounty Hunter Wanted List

    If you restrain them and don't get a bounty your friend has them
  3. Lucien

    Asylum Apparel

    time to fill my closet in the asylum gaming house with this merch!
  4. Lucien

    Asylum 1

    I'm proud of you
  5. Lucien

    Asylum Apparel

    blue hoodie looks nice ngl
  6. Lucien

    Ultimate Suicide Vest Compilation

    false me suiing him was a single rekt libtard
  7. Lucien

    Arma 3 Weekend deals. (Offers ends 18 February)

    apex also includes the type so its actually useful after the qilin/prowler nerf
  8. Lucien

    Change Log 8.3.1

    The reason I liked parole was that it helped out new players. New players who go get a bounty and have fun and enjoy asylum aren't going to want to sit in jail for 45 minutes when they recently started and can't afford tickets. Parole was a recent alternative when not abused as newer players might not have very good roleplay when they are new. I obviously understand why it was removed as some would use it as an excuse for a paycheck but I feel a lot of the associated abuse was cut down when officers were no longer allowed to patrol donor. As for adding new guns, I have no idea why kids are freaking out as there have been suggestions to add the type and p90 in the past and no one had anything bad to say. Don't forget kids we have armor stacking for a few months this isn't olympus where people buy types for warpoints and because csats are less common. Personally I enjoy the p90 on other servers and am glad that it got added. I use it in CQC a bit and its pretty balanced as its only 5.7 so the big mag is no big deal. I'm glad the servers are more playable now and new things are always nice
  9. Lucien

    The Type 115

    Maybe for crusader instead of apex? In my opinion apex is way better so this could balance it a bit
  10. Lucien

    Asylum #5

    *Nicotine addiction intensifies*
  11. Lucien


    warpoint shop/revamp
  12. Lucien


  13. Lucien

    selling gear and vehicles

    Ill buy all of them ill message you later What server are they stored on
  14. Lucien

    selling gear and vehicles

    How many mxms do you have and what color?