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  1. @Padrinos made a singleplayer asylum game. (come out with another one please)
  2. nvm decided to stay
  3. TAD bit late, but Ya know,
  4. @Slade Wilson If only you were able to take off like that in the bedroom
  5. Poor pericles, come here i'll hold you <3
  6. That's pretty solid though, should maybe make a formal announcement regarding that then, because I know of a lot of people currently who say they are going to buy loot crate keys, then they get told not to because of how much of a money waste it was, atleast if its that much more of an increase now than before, you're not getting fully dicked.
  7. Yeah, iirc , as soon as you hit open , it's already decided what you have, it just cock teases you until it lands to show you what you won. Also, the amount of people I've herd of how likely it is for rares (how much they spent to get coveralls) , is god awful, & i'm sure a few of us remember last years episode because of how bad everyone felt it was. Can you share what the actually odds are for each?
  8. Just increase chances of rares & decrease commons Bet you would get a shit ton more people buying them then currently. Just my opinion though
  9. Its been said countless times to bamf & gnashes..and this is all that happens.
  10. It's very true, but over the past 4 days, the server performance has plummeted yet again, they remove one of the best stability servers & yet still keep the WORST stability server in place.
  11. Here's a pro tip for the community, instead of giving false hope , and doing shit that goes against everything everyone is asking for, shut down these shit ass servers so we can quit bitching about everything , and wasting our fucking time trying to do shit just to get BE kicked. If everything is a Bohemia bug, then ask for your money back on the servers.
  12. To take down a server that performs 120% better (server 3) and leave a server up with the WORST possible stability in place (server 4).