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  1. I hope you get a paper cut on your tongueFrom a razor in a paper cupI hope every soda you drink already shaken upI hope your dreams dry like raisins in the baking sunI hope there's always snow in your drivewayI hope you never get off FridaysAnd you work at a Friday's that's always busy on FridaysI hope you win the lottery and lose your ticketI hope the zipper on your jacket get stuckAnd your headphones short, and your charger don't work
  2. @Maaqs how are you just gonna shoot a poor medic like that what did he ever do to you. \
  3. @bamf Eta on that rebel talent tree system
  4. nice tage
  5. wow!
  6. Most clips are just from one day no hate plz
  7. Any seinheiser ever
  8. I'm so happy to learn about the minecwaft server
  9. @bamf I know you're most likely busy, but do you have like an ETA on that rebel tree system I think it could definitely help bring rebel life back.
  10. this may have come off to hostile towards the apd I do not mean this in a negative way but from my experience (3 years of asylum) has taught me that this community can be abusive of anything we can get our hands on. Both ends abuse things and I can understand that rebels abuse the unreachable to get an easy pardon, even though I haven't played recently there has been one thing that has remained consistent in my time here is the lack of rp most of the lower apd members give (and some higher ups) tell me that isn't the truth.
  11. I will be coming back to asylum in 2-3 days when I come back I will make sure to note down the things I see then to use that data and apply that to the update you want I will then come up with my opinion although I take a lot of breaks from asylum and whenever I come back not much changes, so I am extremely skeptical.
  12. doesn't mean i don't hear from other people whats going on in the community or have seen people playing
  13. you're obviously extremely new here ill map this out for you a little better 1) you are right i completely agree but thats part of being a cop 2) I'm not saying force an NLR period but it isn't fun for the other side when you just get wave after wave of cops coming after you and then they saltily give you a full ticket cuz you wiped them 5 times. 3) This falls into my 4th point their is more of you on then a regular rebel gang and a lot of the times as soon as a cop gets wiped with his buddy they call for backup by getting a sgt or higher now you got 15 cops on your ass. 4) A lot of REAL REBELS have expressed their opinions about this but it falls on deaf ears because the apd is catered to IE. this current poll. Also not only in cartels but also anywhere else at meth lab or even rebel its just really scummy to do and when i was part of the apd I've seen higher ups tell people to wait for them to come back after their 5-6 time. 5) with a real gang there are around 5-9 players on regularly (I know you don't know anything about gangs because you made a forums account to join the apd) but usually there are 15 cops on when there are 5-9 so rebels are outnumered. 6) I never said YOU specifically wanted better armor or numbers thats just the way the apd turned out. Going somewhere unreachable is the only way to get a pardon with the apd theres too many robocops now adays even if you attempt to rp with them they'll just sit on your phone and give you a half ticket or parole once your done. And you don't have to pay for your loadout's you get em free. Honestly you haven't been here long enough to put in your two cents so I would just stay quiet. PS: get the fuck outta kavala what are you doing