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  1. no point when nobody does prison breaks
  2. BTW this is why I was blacklisted show me where I bashed an apd member after being blacklisted you dumbass
  3. and what happens if the community doesn't like it? will you change it back to what it originally was?
  4. It's unfortunate because most of that shit is just true so sad Also posting all this information is extremely immature of you and your just trying to get a rise out of me. HAHAHA what a child.
  5. never bashed any of the higher ups, you're saying I did this but on this thread I just simply say that Cops aren't our saving grace for the servers like a CONSTABLE thinks it is. You're now just putting words in my mouth stop being a little salty bot just because you're little friends didn't think it was super cool and fuck off. Edit: I also never "bashed" any higher ups, I have disagreed with what they said, but never "bashed" them like you are attempting to do to me now. You yourself are attempting to look cool and edgy but you're honestly just coming off as a fucking dick honestly you're the one that needs to reflect.
  6. you posted that to try to put me on blast but if you look back I have been agreeing with rebel updates over cop updates since 2015. So, yes.
  7. wow thats like 500 people Congrats Your a nobody
  8. who are you?
  9. wasn't even salty and I am definitely not a little boy, if you wanna try to put me on blast then I'm gonna defend myself I'm not gonna take clints fucking bullshit
  10. Not mad with the Apd I never really played cop anyways, what I care about is dumbass career cops thinking they know shit about the other side when they played a week of civ a year ago.
  11. Rebels are literally half the game. Without them it's just a bunch of retarded cops with nothing to do sucking each other off and think they are the shit because they lethal civs with 100 hours.
  12. Honestly @Xehons we should get rid of your main server and bring 2 back, especially with that attitude of yours boy.
  13. My Sister has she was going to a boarding school and had to leave behind a lot of her belongings to burn.
  14. Lmao he wasn't even around for Sinister who is he?