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  1. they've been saying they have been working on a rebel tree since the bounty hunter update it doesn't mean shit
  2. tbh I've never heard of you, I've definitley heard of willmong
  3. how about instead of that lets have a major REBEL UPDATE... I'm sure that is a little more necessary then some cute new uniforms for some gay ass corporal.
  4. @bamf I appreciate what you're doing but when is the next rebel update coming out...
  5. Nimrods is still around their just called temper now
  6. when I played I never experienced a mass kick at all I know there were bugs but I never was kicked off the game like the ones now
  7. @william is that nimrods Rahim... what a fucking legend
  8. there were no kicks at all back pre 6.0 and the stability seemed fine I would reckon that adding a insane amount of extra items/props is the reason we're in this situation in the first place. The easiest and most likely best thing to do is to just dumb it down, delete all things people don't use (sofia as a town, Vehichle factory, oil cartel, and other things with low pop.) and focus on the things people use ( things to do in Athira, Kavala, and Pygroes etc.)
  9. what about if you kill over ten cops you get a pardon
  10. I personally believe that with the current and post meta for rebels, there will be little to no incentive to go and fight an oil cartel. Not only because there is only rubber in it, but also because it would require the whole entire rebel community to create new callouts and new strategy's. All of the old cartel callout creators/well known rebels have left the servers and so that is why we are stuck in this old meta mindset and why we are not fighting new cartels.
  11. Not trying to be rude or confront you, but just how long have you been a part of asylum? because if you've been around pre 7.0 then you would already know the reason for why it isn't a good idea.
  12. I enjoyed watching you show off your mechanical skills on this game. Thank you for the upload, Jamal
  13. cops also have 30 fucking people usually and cheap ass flashbangs I would say cops use more explosives then rebels.
  14. also pilot coveralls and armor 2 tac vests for cops is kind of ridiculous they become more armored then any rebel can be there should definitely be some nerfing when it comes to the police force.