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Stop turning off sidechat when you die.

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17 minutes ago, Google™ said:

Agreed!!! THEY NEED TO FIX THIS!! How else can I be toxic in side chat if it doesn't even work for me?

Open phone, Turn it off, Close phone, Re-open phone, turn it on, Problem solved.

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4 hours ago, 王 rando 王 said:

i would tell you to kill yourself but we seem to be taking care of that already.

Image result for shrug emoji

kill ur self

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Just now, Ronald said:

Please stop with the negativity in my fine suggestion thread, I would like this issue to be resolved but at this rate it will end up with a lock and be forgotten instead.

Thank you.


P.S No rush to fix it - I won't be needing it for a few days.



can u not drive correctly 

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