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Kasim Tariq

Reich Recruitment S1,2

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Welcome to the Reich, our main goal is to ruin the game experience for the APD bots, and shitters from other gangs. We are highly experienced at being better than everyone else (not that hard on asylum). We welcome only the best at being absolute roaches on asylum. 



Good Aim


Being one of the good guys :^)




Kasim Tariq

Top Enforcer:

Nick Crompton

Right Hand:

Valeska Tariq

Henchmen(Expendable assets):

Bashar Al-Ass (BOT)




Name - 

Age -

Hours - 

Vouches - 

Previous gangs-

What game would you say you are best at?-

How many times were you banned and for what?-

Why do you want to join The Reich?-



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