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Stanislav Squatnik

Police Application

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What is your in-game name?

Stanislav Squatnik

What is your player ID?


What is your age ? (If under 18, please provide date of birth)

21/8/02 (15 years of age, but soon 16)

Have you submitted an app before? If so, link them:

Never submitted an Application

Civilian talents screenshot link:

Even though I have not reached 12 talent points I have over 450 hours on Arma 3.

Have you read and do you understand the server rules found here?

Yes I have read all of them and understand them all.

Have you been banned in Asylum before?

Never Banned.

Have you been a cop on any other server? If so, please explain...

Yes I have been an officer on the Orion Malden server. I had reached the rank of a Constable which was the 4th highest rank. 

Why do you want to join the APD ?

The reaseon I want to join the APD is because I dont want theroleplay community to be completely controled by gangs. Everytime I get on there are very limited ammount of Police officers. However the addition of a couple more can make the community a safer and less toxic place. Thus I really would like to join the APD.

Please tell us about yourself 

I am 15 years old and I am looking to become an APD officer. On of my main hobbies is to spend time with friends playing soccer and I really enjoy it. I currently live in the United States specifically New York. I'm really comfortable where I live and my current situation. 

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I feel bad for this kid lol. Your not 16, you dont have enough talent points, and u made a public post. #rip

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