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Possible New Prison Design [POLL]

Would you like this to be the new prison?  

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  1. 1. Would you like this to be the new prison?

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23 minutes ago, Ba-KA said:

bamf - "the community made something actually good and i dident??" "fuck those assholes"

+"Yeah fuck em were not going to add it" - Gnashes

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Looks good tbf need the prison courtyard pushed back a bit and the front area a bit bigger tho and obvs a few thing around the island for cover etc. But beats the one atm.

Edited by Mason Statham

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I love the two bridges idea, it was a shooting gallery in the old days trying to cross the fucking bridge. The only problem is the sand bags as 7.62 can easily penetrate sandbags while the smaller calibers cannot making it very one sided. This needs to be the new but old prison!

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