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The first question would he be interested in becoming a perm dev, next is I’m sure he wouldn’t want to do it for free unless he just wants to do it in his free time rather than for work... assuming he would do it for payment and not just for a hobby I highly doubt he would do it for a one-off payment, I’m sure he would want a recurring payment in place....

All this aside I think we as a community should keep that community goals donation in Tier 3 or 4 and I’m sure @bamf and @Poseidon will have a chat about the future of Asylums development, just make sure to donate (even if it’s $5 a month) it all adds up in the end, and things may not be perfect but there has been a substantial improvement since Poseidon joined the team and am happy he is helping us out...

All this of course is my personal opinion and assumption, I have no clue as to where things will stand

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Keep the goals going, I'm sure @bamf won't resist to keeping him around until server is running smooth.


P.S - Just a personal opinion, Admin ≠ dev so don't be like "ohh Zoex said that" lol.

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Like I said in the changelog I didn't do much last week so I declined pay since I was busy with other stuff.

This week i'm focused on some new logging and I'm writing a program to help pin point the exact moment these issues start to occur to hopefully have a better location in the logs to look for what's triggering the issue. I believe it's something weird happening which arma really does not like, and it must be getting triggered by something someone does, some data getting sent to the server, or some weird object. Really i'm not sure yet which is why I gotta analyze these logs to help point me in the direction. It could be a rare hard to reproduce thing like someone drops an object, the physics poop themselves or something. It can happen with 30 players, or 100. I think it just happens more often when the servers are full since more people are online increasing the chance arma gets triggered at whatever it is.

When I was on the server debugging the server was actually at 0FPS but was still able to run my debug script quickly which means the SQF engine isn't overloaded from what I can tell. So it's something else in the engine causing massive amounts of network data not to get sent, even though it's trying to send crazy amounts of messages most people do not receive them. It could be a server provider issue but i'm not sure since Asylum has been having these problems throughout multiple server providers.

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