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Greetings! Wondering since the release of Rebel Tree and since Rebel's have the ability of 25% increase of defib & blood bag what are percentage for medics? At times I see cops barely touching people and the dead are up and some are healed thus I'm twiddling my thumbs or getting run over my car lol. Should Medics get extra boost to heal those in need? And would you like to see more than one hospital? I sure would most def. till then see you ya'll on the flip side - Russell  

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+1 for second hospital. How about Pyrgos?

Medics should get get a boost, but not to healing speeds. Rather something else, more interesting. Something that'd make them actually leave Kavala...  give them the ability to make medical marijuana. Afterall, CBD oil is all the rage lately.  
Defibrilator speeds are way too high in my opinion. Especially with higher-up cops. 
Shooting cops in this game reminds me of that other game what's it called...
Relaterad bild

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