The world's most developed Altis & Tanoa Life servers
five large servers with inter-connected players
Mr. Fenwick
Nv | Wang Liqin
Nv | Sheep


Unique Features Badass features originating on Asylum.

  • Everything always saves, and we mean everything,
  • Buy any house in the world and place storage crates,
  • Form a permanent gang, much like an MMO guild,
  • Get rich controlling territory from the arms dealer to drug cartels,
  • Become a vigilante and track down bounties,
  • Loads more, too much to list. Click the button to learn more.
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What's happening?

Find out what’s been going on with the Asylum, from game updates to community events.
  • Update 7.3.0

    For 7.3 we are introducing a new donation rewards system that will run in parallel with our current system - Loot Crates. Loot crates will provide…

  • Update 7.2.1

    This patch will be going out on Tanoa now, as the only thing it has for Altis is the fog fix which will become present…

  • Update 7.2.0

    Face off: Change your face in game at the new plastic surgeon.  Want to change races while playing?  This guy is really that good. Other…