Update 6.5.1


  • Fixed known issues with houses being inaccessible and such.
  • Fixed known issues with storage crates not saving.
  • Fixed known issues related to the APD dispatch radio channel.
  • Added a new function for the dispatcher to flush/empty the radio channel and remove all players.
  • Weapon sway from fatigue reduced by 30% for all weapons.
  • Prisoners will no longer be gotten as a bounty when playing laser tag.
  • You may now lockpick vehicles by using a new scroll menu option.
  • Police now have the Mk20 instead of the Sting.
  • Bounty hunters now have access to a Vermin or the TRG20 in place of the Sting.
  • The Vermin is now craftable.

Patchnote image edited from an image provided by player Zoex.

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