Update 6.6.0


  • You can now collect salt water by standing/swimming in ocean.
  • You can now gather corn, rye and barley from appropriate plants in the world.
  • Yeast is available at the market.
  • Ingredients can now be combined at a new processing location to create base alcohol including moonshine, scotch and two types of whiskey.
  • You may purchase aging barrels at home furniture stores which can be placed in your home and used to improve the value of different alcoholic drinks.
  • Any type of house which could have a storage container can now have one additional container; however, you may wish to use this slot for an aging barrel.
  • Contents of an aging barrel will improve with each server restart.
  • Scotch will improve slower than whiskey in large quantities, while moonshine isn't aged at all.
  • Added charges for possession of illegal liquor.
  • Time will now pass much slower; it will likely not become night.
  • Many vehicles which could not be chopped now work as expected.

Recipes Because I forgot to put a nice UI in the game to tell people how to make different things, here you go for now.

  • Moonshine: Corn, Water, Yeast
  • Whiskey: Corn or Rye, Water, Yeast, Barley
  • Scotch: Water, Yeast,

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