Update 6.6.1


  • Aging barrels are now required for aging alcohol, as was intended.
  • Adding storage containers to houses should no longer cause them to "stack" on each other if you have an aging barrel.
  • The police are no longer interested in buying your vehicle ammo.
  • Added a new menu option at the distillery to see alcohol recipes.
  • Adjusted sale prices of whiskey to match original plans.
  • Added two new talents for bounty hunters to improve tracking radius.
  • Animal hunting/tracking talents have been adjusted to be more powerful, while also making base-level tracking available to all without a talent.
  • Increased base price of processed cocaine and heroin.
  • Completely rebuilt the hunting and skinning system.  Now uses real animal AI and there are more animals to find.
  • Cooked animal meat is now more valuable.
  • Holstering your weapon will no longer add an action menu option to unholster,  and instead will simply use the toggle button.
  • Long stone houses which would previously only accept 1 crate/barrel can now properly accept 3.
  • Speeding cameras will no longer break contrast settings.
  • The government of Altis will now pay for the healing of all prisoner's broken limbs and such.
  • Civilians will no longer get that annoying popup window when first connecting to the servers.
  • Aging barrels received a massive max weight increase.  They'll now hold 201,

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