Update 7.2.0

Face off:

Change your face in game at the new plastic surgeon.  Want to change races while playing?  This guy is really that good.

Other  changes:

  • Gun price cuts on the island for the rebel side
  • Cocaine should work on Tanoa
  • Cocaine has returned to Altis
  • Tanoa has more vehicles, weapons, and clothing
  • Vehicle color choices should be available on Tanoa now as well
  • The Linjhaven APD base has been fortified
  • The Georgetown APD base helicopter spawn point has changed to be more stable

There are probably other things that Paratus put in that I'm forgetting, so I'll add those as I find them.


  • Ifrits can no longer be crafted on Tanoa.
  • Bounty hunters will no longer contribute to their gang's control point captures.
  • Pure cocaine can now be sold to drug dealers.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent face selections from being seen by other players.

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