Update 7.2.1

This patch will be going out on Tanoa now, as the only thing it has for Altis is the fog fix which will become present in the next Altis update (should be soon).


  • Added treasure hunting! Treasure maps can be found while mining, fishing and wreck excavating. They're incredibly rare and valuable.
  • If you have a treasure map, buy a shovel from the market to dig where X marks the spot.
  • Added the ERCO and a bunch of other scope variants to several weapon shops.
  • Fixed the weapon sale prices at Tanoa turf shops.
  • Added a fix that should keep the fog at proper levels.
  • The market will now properly reduce pure cocaine and new alcohol items.

Hotfix 1:

  • Fixed a bug in the damage handler related to APD weapons
  • Cops can no longer pick Coca leaves on Tanoa
  • Houses with garages on Tanoa should function as a garage now
  • Treasure maps should be slightly harder to find now
  • Tons of boat spawns added to Tanoa
  • Wong's has moved on Tanoa.  There are two new locations that it will spawn between (they are close to each other).  We are looking for feedback on both spots please.
  • Moved western Rebel OP vehicle spawns forward to avoid clipping with a wall
  • Moved boat spawn point at the oil rig to allow boats to spawn
  • The heroin field on Tanoa should now work
  • Lakatoro gang capture area now has an ATM
  • The weather system has been revamped to hopefully deal with the fog epidemic on Tanoa

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