Update 7.3.0

For 7.3 we are introducing a new donation rewards system that will run in parallel with our current system - Loot Crates.

Loot crates will provide skins that are custom or that we have previously removed from the game.  These include clothing, backpacks,  and helmets for now.  We will introduce additional items as time goes by, but for now enjoy your free loot crate key.  Crates can be found through actions such as mining, and are purchasable at the home improvement store and market (they can not be sold back to the NPCs however).  Loot crate keys will be purchasable on My Asylum.

Once you unlock a skin with the loot crate system, you will be able to purchase that item in game an infinite number of times at the appropriate shop.  The skin is bound to your account, and can not be used by someone who has not unlocked that skin previously.  If you unlock a skin multiple times, you will be able to sell the excess versions of that skin on My Asylum for real world currency.

Most loot crate rewards should be available to APD members rank 2 and higher, although please adhere to APD policy when using these items.


Other additions and bug fixes for this patch:HikersBackpack.png

  • The rebel outpost will now sell hats
  • Tanoa has had various map tweaks
  • All civilian boat shops on Tanoa will now sell the RHIB
  • The APD should now be able to search players on Tanoa
  • Fixed an issue with the damage handler in relation to cop weapons
  • Fishing should now work again
  • Vehicle spawns at Tanoa air bases should work as intended now
  • The Garage at DP6 on Tanoa is now functional
  • The "Gear Up" function should work for the APD on Tanoa
  • The SPAR 17 is now available for purchase at the rebel outpost
  • Adjusted the vehicle spawns on the Tanoa eastern rebel outpost to accommodate Mohawks
  • Gang wars should now function as expected

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