Territory Control

Gangs on Asylum have the ability to capture certain areas in the world and hold them for incredible benefits. Capture points work a lot like a control point in the Battlefield series of games. Raise the flag for your gang and take control of drug cartels and the arms dealer.

Cartels exist for heroin, cocaine and meth. Being a member of a gang which controls a cartel has two great benefits. First, when you process the related drug you do not lose a percentage to the cartel. You will receive 100% of the maximum return to sell yourself. In addition, when anyone not in your gang processes that drug your gang will receive a share of the drug money in their gang bank account.

The arms dealer is very different, and exists for raw power. Owning the arms dealer makes your gang money every time a sale or transaction happens at a rebel outpost. Moreover, you will gain access to purchasing .50 cal machine gun offroad trucks and Mk 200 light machine guns.

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