Update 8.0.0

It's been quite some time since we have changed things up on the Asylum, but I feel that now is the time to do so.  I remember when I started playing here that my favorite thing to do was to run around with friends and cause mayhem by robbing everyone in sight.  At it's core, this is a cops and robbers game.  With that being said, I give you Asylum 8.0.

The map felt stale to me, so the 8 chain will include lots of map changes going forward.  First off, the major illegal areas (heroin, cocaine, and meth) will all rotate going forward.  While the original positions are still included, there are alternate locations for all of these activities.  That means gathering and processing can and will happen in different locations at random on each restart (kind of like cartels).  Each drug has two spots for now, and gathering and processing locations have been chosen to have similar round trip times to what they are currently.  This means that all three of drug locations could end up on the west or east side of Altis in a given server restart.  I hope you'll enjoy the new locations, and I also hope you'll enjoy a chance to rob people again as they try the new spots out.

Another thing that I have always felt we were lacking was the ability to manufacture drugs in other remote locations of the map, so we are introducing the mobile meth (crank) lab.  Crank is a new illegal item added into the game that is manufactured via an RV that is purchasable at Rick's RV shop in Sofia, as well as both chop shops.  Crank is made of all the same ingredients as meth, but is not quite as potent - and therefore not worth quite as much.  Take your ingredients and RV to a remote location, and do your best Walter and Jessie impression.  Be aware though that processing crank has risks - your RV will send smoke into the air, and the smoke means that you can be killed by the rival drug lords on the island.  The RV has a slightly larger trunk than a box truck, so while RVs can certainly be used to manufacture crank - it doesn't necessarily mean that the vehicle is being used for illegal activities.  Make sure to thank @Phantom Viper for doing the skin for the new RV!

The Altis government finally got funding to build a second bridge to the island near Pyrgos, and with that they have decided to move the prison back to that island.  There is new construction on the island, but the method for breaking people out of the prison remains unchanged.  Hack the power, lock pick the doors, hack the computer, and open up those gates.  @TheCrestedPenguin did the new prison design - make sure to thank him for his efforts to get the prison back where the community wanted it.  (Note: Prison guards now spawn across the street and not behind you)

Are you a good helicopter pilot?  Do you like sling loading large vehicles?  If so, then say hello to an old friend - the Taru.  If you want to fly the Taru though, you will need Rotorlib (with Stress Damage) enabled.  If you don't have what it takes, don't sit in the pilot or co-pilot seat of a Taru.

APD officers, are you tired of the light system you have on your cars?  If so, you'll be happy to know that the APD has upgraded it's light system substantially.  Thank Lt. @Destrah for helping the government find the funding to get new lights!   (Note: press Tab while driving to bring up the new light controls)

Other additions etc:

  • The Asylum Exchange has been brought back.  Since this doesn't seem to be the cause of the BE kicks, and the game server is now 64-bit - we will give this another shot.
  • Bounties will be persistent going forward.  Bounty hunters will have the ability to drop a bounty every 5 minutes.
  • Spike strips can now be instantly deployed via the hotkey. The scroll wheel option has been disabled as a result. Additionally, spike strips can be thrown from a vehicle, which will result in the spike strip being placed behind your vehicle.
  • Multi-color Smokes/Chemlights in cop shops
  • Fixed redburger talent
  • Binocs now properly show UC names
  • Added a boat shop and garage to DP10
  • Various bug and exploit fixes

One final thing, Anthony Kiedis is a big fan of Kavala

Hotfix 1:

  • Starting up the lab on an RV will now allow you to process and access trunks and crates without having to soft log etc.
  • Chem lights should be available for both cops and civs now

Hotfix 1a:

  • Fixed a few exploits related to crank
  • Crank can no longer be cooked inside industrial sheds

Hotfix 2:

  • Exploit fixes related to crank production
  • SWAT spawn points changed for new prison location
  • Destrah made a few additional tweaks to cop lights

Hotfix 3:

  • Weed should now spawn and be able to be gathered again (oops)
  • Fixed additional exploits in the crank system

Hotfix 4:

  • Additional crank exploit fixes
  • The crank lab now persists through restarts as a crank lab (and not a box truck)


Hotfix 5:

  • The Strife server has been brought back online.
  • Server driven events will fire on the Altis islands drafting you to war in Strife on Tanoa.  Go play Strife for 15 minutes or more, and you will receive $20,000 in bonus pay.
  • Level 4 donors may now purchase and wear the Wetsuit [CSAT].

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