Update 8.0.1

A very quick patch to change a few things and add the medic van (I'll add the others later).  Anyway, here are the notes:

  • Added the medic van for medics to purchase.  You have to OWN the new DLC in order to get into the driver's seat of the medic van.
  • Medics should be able to hold binoculars now.
  • Updated group cap to 14.
  • Removed East Arms from the Arms Dealer Cartel rotation
  • Removed Cocaine Castle and Ghost Hotel from the Drug Cartel rotation.
  • Added back the secondary Drug Cartel location on the peninsula near the original location.
  • Spawning into an active turf should not be possible now.  Let me know if people are able to work around this please.
  • The phone is now black again.
  • The War Rating season is being reset and will begin again.  The new time period will be either 1 or 2 months (which will be decided shortly).

I'll add more DLC stuff in a hotfix either tonight or tomorrow.  I wanted to add a few things quickly though, so here you go.

One other thing from today that was added:

  • View the Asylum Most Wanted list here.  This list contains the most wanted players who have played in the last week.

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