Update 8.0.3

This patch is mostly civilian focused as it relates primarily to the Laws of War DLC for Arma 3 - which is mainly "civilian" in nature.  There are a few other things in here as well though.

First, we are revamping the donor ranking system with this patch.  Level 5 donors will become level 7 donors with this patch.  Between level 4 and what used to be level 5 we are now adding levels 5 and 6.  See the donation rewards page here for more information.  All of the new in game perks are cosmetics (and mostly new vehicle skins for the DLC vans).  Some of them are down at the lower levels as well - not just in the new tiers.  I'll make another post in the announcements section related to the donation changes later, but it was worth mentioning here.

Now for the actual patch notes:

@Gen. Henry Arnold has become a full Contributor now, and he has been popping out skins like crazy.  You may have seen them in various threads on the forums recently, but if not I think you'll like seeing them in game.  These van skins are now available in game:

  • Rusted Van
  • Deranged Candy Man
  • A Team
  • News Van
  • Short Bus
  • Mystery Van
  • Paddy Wagon (for APD members of Corporal or higher rank.  This is a non donor item)

He also added a News Chopper skin that is great as well.  In addition, he created some signs for all the in town shops.  I think he's doing a great job, and we really appreciate his contributions!

Also, we added a "Nice Job Man" shirt from @TNT.  Thanks for that too!

This patch also includes loads of clothing and other items from the Laws of War DLC.  Please remember that in order to drive the vans, you will need to OWN the DLC.  That's not something we are restricting, but instead something on Bohemia's side.

Additional items in the patch:

  • Cash from your exchange mailbox will now be automatically claimed and added to your account when you join a server. No more going to Pyrgos for comps!
  • Your money will no longer be tainted after depositing all of your drug money
  • Money from drug sales that you transfer to another player will cause their money to become tainted with drugs
  • Gang members can no longer destroy the crates in the gang house. Only the gang leader can.
  • Exploit prevention for flipping vehicles
  • More weaponry is available to be crafted without the Arms Cartel! 7.62 users rejoice!
  • A Ship laden with Mk200's has wrecked off of the coast of Altis. Rebel suppliers have been seen flocking to the wreck site.

There may be one or two things I'm missing, but I think that's the bulk of it.  I'll be updating donor ranks in the database while we push out the patch.  Again thanks to @Gen. Henry Arnold for all the skins for this patch!

Hotfix 1:

  • Added police lights to the Paddy Wagon (thanks @Destrah)
  • Doner kabob again works as intended


Hotfix 2:

  • Taru bench added back into the game - no rotorlib required
  • Removed both Tarus and the MK200 from market effect pricing

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