Update 8.0.6

A few more tweaks, but they were big enough to go ahead and make this a new version:

  • Robbing the Bank of Altis now gives you banded bank notes.  There are dye packs in the notes preventing you from breaking them up into cash, but once that timer wears off the proceeds of the robbery can be deposited into any ATM.
  • The Federal Reserve is now capable of holding slightly more gold reserves before it is filled.
  • Box trucks and crank labs will now have the appropriate inventory capacity.
  • The secondary bridge at the prison now is more fortified.
  • The secondary bridge at the prison no longer has a flickering effect.
  • You can now drop "unavailable" bounty hunter missions by clicking drop without selecting a bounty
  • The damage handler has been tweaked to be much more efficient. (If you notice oddities, please report them in the bug reporting section)
  • Servers 2 and 3 will now run with a lower overall population value.
  • The federal reserve now holds 33% more gold.
  • Both laser tag and rally races have been removed (at least temporarily).
  • The laser tag arena has been removed from the map.

Hotfix 1:

  • "Donor town" has moved ~500m NE to Therisa.  All city services still exist in the new location, but now there are multiple spawn points inside the area.
  • One of the Black Market production areas has been relocated to Orino.  This should make it easier to use the feature.
  • Cartel fridge containers will now save the dirty money contents through a restart.
  • Fixed a bug that should make the prison break mechanic more reliable now.
  • Box truck skins should work as intended.

Hotfix 2:

  • The wanted system has been re-written in game to be more optimized.  We hope this will help with overall network traffic sent to and from the server to each client.
  • You should be able to execute players near the bank while it is being robbed
  • The ability to use protest signs are removed (for now)
  • A few other miscellaneous bug fixes

Let an admin/dev know if something seems off in the wanted system.  We have made major changes to this system with this hotfix.

Hotfix 3:

  • Fixed error in the damage handler that caused undesired behavior with vehicle damage
  • Fixed various script errors that could be encountered while joining the mission
  • IR Laser behavior has now been reversed for police LT+. Off = Down, On = Kill
  • Various serverside optimizations

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