Update 8.0.8

OK, I'm going to relent (temporarily) and test something out.  Both of the main changes in this patch are temporary.  We're going to see how it effects things and then react.  With that being said:

  • Money from the cartel fridge(s) will now automatically deposit into the gang account of the gang who owns the cartel.  This happens on an incremental basis (every 5 minutes), so you will still see money in the fridge (and can take it if it is there).  The trade off here is that we are no longer generating money to go into the fridge.  People have to sell drugs, turtles, scotch, etc to fill up Drug and Wong's.  People have to buy things at Rebel to fill up Arms.
  • All proceeds from robbing the bank will now be Banded Bank Notes.  No more gold bars from the bank.  Banded Bank Notes introduce a time wait to deposit money from the bank, so the APD can still chase you down...
  • Exiting a vehicle should maintain your weapon fire rate (as it used to).  This was a bug from the performance patch.
  • Additional performance enhancements.  Minor things, but hey were still working on that too.


Hotfix 1:

  • Y inventory should now drop to the ground where expected when someone dies in a vehicle.

Hotfix 2:

  • Increased the prison break combat radius
  • Increased the radius that prisoners can move around in the prison (get shanking boys)
  • Made a small map change at the prison to (hopefully) prevent an exploit

Hotfix 3:

  • Tweaked the prison radius again.  Should solve both issues:  not being able to create shanks and the inability to escape after a prison break.

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