Update 8.1.0

Drill Baby Drill

Altis has decided to open up the mainland to oil drilling.  There are marked areas where permits for drilling oil have been issued to all citizens of the island - provide you have the correct licensing.  For those of you just starting out on the island, you can grab a pickaxe and scrape the surface for what little oil you can find.  For those that are more established citizens several new vehicles for drilling oil have been delivered to the island.  Drilling with a vehicle will be faster than drilling by hand, but the vehicle will not be able to be moved until you retract the drill.

Altis has also decided that the oil rig was too far offshore to be effectively used by it's citizens.  Much to the dismay of citizens with bayfront property, the oil rig has been moved into Kalithea Bay.  The governement was hoping to entice citizens to work on the oil rig more with this move, but unfortunately a criminal element has moved in instead.  Through a series of what can only be described as corruption worthy of current events in the west, a new breed of oil cartel has taken over the island.  Gone are the days when the oil cartel only cared about taking rubber from our citizens and they now instead demand a cut of the profits from everyone who is not a member that processes oil.  Further, from time to time they establish a stronghold on the oil rig as a display of their dominance.

  • You can now drill for oil either by gathering (requires a pickaxe), or with new vehicles, by going to an oil field.
  • In order to use the new vehicles to drill for oil, you must have an oil processing license.
  • The new vehicles' trunks are made only for oil and oil accessories. Most items will not fit into them.
  • You can purchase an oil processing license in town or at the oil processors throughout the map.
  • Unprocessed oil may be processed at an oil processor.
  • Barrels of oil are still processed in the same location.  Look for "Oil Barrel Processing" on the map.
  • The oil rig has been moved to be much closer to land.
  • The oil rig will sometimes be the oil cartel.
  • The oil cartel generates cash into the gang bank of the gang holding the cartel now instead of rubber.
  • When your gang captures a cartel, that cartel may not be captured for 20 minutes now (up from 15).
  • Dive shop added to Kalithea Bay boat shop area and North Rebel base.
  • When someone goes on parole, any bounty hunters with that mission should stop tracking that target.
  • Lumber now sells for significantly more money.
  • Chopping a tree now only requires an axe to be in your virtual inventory
  • Lockpicking handcuffs should now properly appear on your scrollwheel
  • Additional optimizations and other miscellaneous tweaks.

Note:  The oil cartel can not be captured by players in the water.  You must be on at least the main level in order to capture the cartel.  If you are on a dock near the water, then you will not be able to capture the cartel.

Hotfix 1:  

  • The potential amount of rubber given from processing barrels of oil has been increased.
  • A few other miscellaneous tweaks.

Edit:  Thanks @Gen. Henry Arnold for the vehicle skins in this patch!


Hotfix 2:

  • Moved 2 of the 3 Oil Field / Hydrogen Sulfate mine spawns.  The Kavala one is down the hill a touch now making it easier to reach, and the one near the free fire zone has been wholly re-located to address concerns related to it's placement.
  • The APD has reinforced the walls at Athira HQ.
  • The APD has removed some rocks and a gate at the HW patrol HQ.
  • Governor pardons should now require you to confirm that you want the pardon as expected.
  • The respawn labeled "Donor" now correctly displays Therisa.
  • The township of Therisa has voted to not allow timber to be gathered inside it's city limits (like all other spawn towns).
  • Vehicles with 0 fuel will now receive enough fuel to reach a gas station when pulled from the garage.
  • Cartels will now be unavailable to be captured for 30 minutes.  More on this in a footnote below.
  • Several service side optimizations have been put in place as well.

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