Update 8.1.1

Altis Lumber is open for business

Seeing an opportunity to get bigger and harder wood, the Altis Lumber corporation has setup two lumber mills to process wood into planks (which have higher resale value).  Once you have processed your wood into planks you can sell them to a Commodities Trader.  Altis Lumber hopes that everyone will take this new opportunity to get wood on Asylum.  Remember their motto:  The harder the wood, the higher the value!

Additional items in this patch:

  • Players who disconnect while downed or restrained will now spawn a bag on the ground that can be sent to jail by the Police or any bounty hunter who has their bounty before the disconnect happened.  Go to the bag, and scroll wheel to send combat logging d-bags to jail.
  • The seizure of illegal items by the APD has been optimized.  Also, zipties are no longer able to be seized by the APD.
  • Bounty hunters participating in the Skip Tracer game system now receive a message when they arrest someone to show them how much honor they made for the arrest.
  • Governor messages have been limited to 250 characters.
  • If you already have a primary weapon equipped, and attempt to purchase another one, you will receive a message instead of automatically replacing your current weapon.
  • The clothing system has been rewritten to more properly display custom skins (and to be much more efficient).
  • You may no longer rapidly pull vehicles from the garage.
  • APD officers who have been downed while in a vehicle can now be removed from the vehicle by players.
  • Medics will receive more money for the service of reviving you now.
  • Parole has been optimized and should be more reliable.
  • The wanted list should now always show the proper name for a player who is wanted.
  • Bounty Hunters:  The "Enter Vehicle as Bounty Hunter" option will now only show if there is a restrained player in the vehicle.
  • You can no longer capture a cartel with an SDAR (sorry fam, go get a real gun).
  • The Community Goal discount for unlimited items should now apply properly.
  • The APD opened a picnic area at Air HQ.  Bring your boyfriend over and have a nice relaxing meal.
  • Various backend performance fixes.

Finally, the wanted system has been completely rewritten for optimization.  This should reduce network traffic a ton when loading the wanted list.  The other added benefit is that the theoretical maximum bounty is going to be much, much higher now.  Who can get it up the highest?  I guess only time will tell...

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