Update 8.1.2

  • The Bank of Altis has decided to relocate itself to the peninsula location, but has (for now) decided not to move back to the gold standard.
  • Cocaine and heroin can now be gathered by scroll wheel.  Cocaine is still able to be gathered in the pit as well.
  • The prices of cocaine and heroin have both been increased by 10%.
  • The secondary meth lab location has been moved (back) to Koroni.
  • Fees for placing items on the Asylum Exchange have been temporarily removed.
  • Suicide vests may now be activated by user action 15.
  • Purchasing houses has been disabled on server 2.
  • Protest signs have been removed.
  • Eating a red burger will now have the proper effect.
  • Fixed a bug related to LTs being unable to unlock gang houses.
  • The primary weapon check in the weapon shop should work better.
  • Anyone who has helmets they should not have should go ahead and delete those from their storage (sooner rather than later).  Keeping those helmets may prevent your storage from spawning properly in the near future.
  • Normalized some housing prices.
  • Certain weapons have had their prices lowered.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a player being revived to respawn in the hospital
  • The Government of Altis is now paying up to $175k for arrests made by officers and citizens.
  • Increased the arrest cap by $25k.

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