Update 8.1.4

This patch is a few Quality of Life things for Rebels (well mainly one).  There are a few other items as well:

  • You may now move your gang house.  The gang leader initiates the move by going to the gang house and accessing the move menu under the House Menu.  The gang house is able to be moved to another home the gang leader already owns.  All things tied to the gang will move properly, but the crates will not magically "poof" to the new building.
  • Player housing in cities is no longer in god mode if it is close to the city center.
  • Players should no longer fall out of vehicles when they are downed/killed.
  • Listing your house for $0 will take the house off of the market.
  • Players may no longer use the Asylum Exchange as unlimited storage.
  • You can turn off ambient sounds in the phone settings now.

Finally, we added two new vehicles to the game.  They are both considered illegal vehicles, and may be purchased at the rebel outposts.


Hotfix 1:

  • Armed vehicles should store and pull with ammo now.
  • North Rebel finally found it's bottle of Round Up.
  • Fixed a few exploits.
  • Performance improvements.

Hotfix 2:

  • Altis Landscape Company has finished spraying Round Up in the bank area.
  • Fixed a long standing bug with the calculation of item prices. The price you see should now accurately depict the price you will pay for items.  There may be one bug left here, but it's a fairly small one.
  • Fixed several exploits.
  • Almost forgot, APD UAVs will no longer clean up.

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