Update 8.1.5

First off - this is not a content patch (at least not really).  This patch is ~150 performance tweaks to the server and client mission files.  We've touched a ton of things, and done as much testing as we can.  I hope that nothing will be broken as we roll this out, but if there are issues we will address them as quickly as we can.  I get that performance tweaks aren't as much fun as new content, but these are things that we need to do as we continue to try to improve performance of the mission.

With that being said, here are the patch notes:

  • A lot of performance tweaks to both the client and server (they are mainly on the server side)
  • Cop hummingbirds are somewhat more expensive now.  This is to prevent an exploit that we can easily see, but would rather just not have as an option.
  • The bank has received a slight balance tweak.
  • Prison timers should be more reliable now.
  • House sales should be more reliable now.
  • Undercover APD LT+ ranked members will find more weapons to choose from in the APD weapon shop.
  • Fixed several exploits related to gathering materials.
  • The APD now has an "Enter as Gunner" option on certain vehicles.
  • Several other bug and exploit fixes.

I may add a few additional items to the list that I've missed, so check back.

Edit:  The servers will be down for roughly 20 minutes while I do this patch.  There is something else on the backend that has to happen as well.

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