Update 8.1.6

There are some database tweaks that have to happen before I deploy this, so it's likely to happen tomorrow AM.  This is again mainly a performance tweaking patch, but it had a few other things in it as well.  We had to finish testing all of these before we could begin working on the rebel talent tree - but that should be the next actual patch you see (minus hotfixes as necessary to this patch).

That being said, here are the patch notes:

  • The winning gang from the most recent gang wars has received a special in game title (it's colored too)
  • APD Prowlers now have cop lights
  • Gangs that hold Zaros will now receive 10% more money when selling gold bars and banded bank notes when robbing the Bank of Altis
  • Achievements should save more reliably now (are you Prestigious?)
  • Re-wrote how gang members are tallied at server startup.  This should reduce server restart time by a considerable amount.
  • Spikestrips shouldn't fly into the sky now.  Deploying them will have a 1 second delay (with no progress bar though).
  • SWAT has been disabled pending the system being heavily optimized
  • Shanks should work as intended
  • Storing vehicles in your garage when you have a blown up vehicle near the garage will now actually store your good vehicle (while ignoring the blown up vehicle)
  • The last bits of Arma2Net have been removed from DB queries
  • Many, many performance tweaks
  • If your prestige or honor are maxed out, you will now just be told it is maximized when you earn more
  • Fixed several exploits and bugs

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