Heists, Robberies
& Gangs

Play Cops and Robbers on this Massive Arma 3 Light Roleplay Server with persistent gangs, money, houses and more!


Federal Reserve

Rob the reserve for valuable gold, but at a risk. Gold is worth a lot, so all cops tend to show up.

Bank Heist

If you like money, why not just take it? Drill through the door to expand your pockets.

Prison Break

Buddies in jail? No worries! Break out your friends.

Evidence Locker

When Cops take your illegal items it goes into evidence, take it back by raiding the lockup.

Gangs and Cartels

Own and operate a gang on Asylum where you will be able to own/fight for multiple cartels, turfs, and more!


Tired of seeing criminals run the streets? Crime going unpunished? Take the oath for a badge with some honor.


With all the death on the island a professional force is needed to make sure everyone is not bleeding out.


Buy houses around the island to store all your legal and non legal items.


Play with friends.

Owning an operating a gang can be one of the most rewarding and challenging things you can do on Asylum.

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Protect And Serve.

The Asylum Police Department (APD) serves its citizens to protect them and fight crime. They have a set of rules and guidelines to follow to protect civilian rights.

APD Guidelines

Medic / Fire Dept.

Lifesavers around the island that can respond to medical emergencies. They have their own talents and utilize the hospital.

Medic Guide


Interactive Stat Tracking.

MyAsylum provides a way for players to track their stats as they play on the server as well as their friends.

Civilian Exp. 229,748
Police Exp. 38,848
Medic Exp. 229,748
Honor 8,269
Prestige 14,931

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