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  1. In Game Name: Jack Jefferson Age:19 Are you a member of the APD (rank): constable Have you been banned on Asylum? If so how long and what for?:rdm 1 week ban was lifted Any previous Gangs: There was so many and it was so long ago
  2. In game name:Jack Jefferson Age:18 Location/Timezone:colorado Arma 3 hours(screenshot):https://gyazo.com/cfe6d860a4894965cfe403bd734de229 Asylum hours:1000+ Previous gangs:blue dream,salty bastards, salty seamen, disciples Do you have sufficient cartel experience?: yes Why do you want to join us?:more action What can you bring to the FSA?:a good member/shot very good at kidnapping cops, iam on when ever i can be Do you know any current members who can vouch for you:?Macca,muffinsniper
  3. In-Game Name:Jack jefferson Age:18 Arma 3 Hours (screen shot):https://gyazo.com/3dda83339af895f14b4e21ab5b88a773 Bank Balance:around 400k Do you have a mic and TeamSpeak/Discord? yes to all Current and Past Gangs? salty bastards,TSC If in a current gang, why are you looking to leave?boring Why do you want to join our gang?to have some fun and get into more fights Who in the gang can vouch for you?shattman
  4. myself and others believe that they should bring back the old drug runners. this new one just makes it no fun
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