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  1. i see you are a big fan. I renamed your alt account to something more appropriate. 

    1. Roice


      I'll pick all your peaches @Peach Picker

    2. Tony


      Who is the Peach Picker?

  2. May goals updated!

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    2. Chow Mein

      Chow Mein

      What happened to swat? Wasn't that a donation goal like 2 months back?

    3. Mitch (IFRIT)

      Mitch (IFRIT)

      Jesse and I tested swat last night. I am hoping we can get it live soon.

    4.  王 Ari Petrou 王

      王 Ari Petrou 王

      bro I brought a lot of fucking crates and got shit

  3. Server is now updated and ready to play. Thank you for your patience! 

  4. Community Goals were updated with this months goal!


    ADMIN EVENTS. BR and Gun Game.

    1. Chow Mein

      Chow Mein

      Any ideas on the admin events?

  5. FYI BSG gave out 1 mill rubbles. Check messages to receive it

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    2. Chow Mein

      Chow Mein

      @Copa Its an in game item mong

    3. Copa


      @Chow Mein Well maybe if you'd play with me i'd learn that

    4. Sail


      Mitch, join the Asylum Tarkov discord, unless you're ass at the game. 

  6. New goal for February is posted!

  7. My Cntrl C and cntrl V game is about to get real strong.

    1. Lucien


      wouldn't it have just been better to give everyone who plays in the next few days a key instead of asking for PIDs 

    2. Bag


      Who says cntrl 😂 

    3. Pizza Man
  8. Server 2 is open for your item moving/house selling needs...

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    2. Bag


      What... is... this... guy... talking... about...

    3. •ÐŠ• Randy

      •ÐŠ• Randy

      Is there a chance it will ever come back up, i have a really good house i would rather not sell unless 2 was for sure never going to come back

    4. Zel


      bill murray thank you GIFMitch, my id 76561198124730977, sry for disturbing, i have gorgeous house right close to kavala square, and sheld after hospital on server 2 , i'm sure real estate kavala agancy evaluate propertys about 2mil both, decent market price, can u consider that deal, make comp or something




  9. Thank you to those who helped us reach our first goal. This ensures we are able to cover the cost for next month. Anything additional that is donated will go to ensure we are able to continue meeting those needs. You guys are very kind.




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    2. Crossfade


      Hey mitch, New strat... $5000 donation from a single person for mod? ez cash money son...

    3. v | Yung Tommy
    4. Rock Hardick

      Rock Hardick

      Am I missing something? Did Paratus give up rights to Asylum?

  10. Yeah and Miley Cyrus is my ex 

    1. Bag


      You can have that ugly ass crack whore

    2. Mitch (IFRIT)

      Mitch (IFRIT)

      Hence the EX

  11. Breaking news. Ak sighted Arco's were spotted in shipping containers and are being loaded onto a ship to be delivered to the island. 

  12. That's a big logo... I'll fix it.

  13. Please ensure you do a decent job on this profile. I will not be copied with a subpar attempt. 

  14. PSA. To those who have made new accounts. Your account is only temporarily on ModQ. It wont last long. Its automatically lifted after some conditions are met.

  15. Hey look, a status update.


  16. Welcome to my page. Glad you are here. Take a look around. If you see something that you like, please take it!

  17. I miss you, come back. We are the hero we need. 

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