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  1. Small suggestion Chris You're circling the drain again. Perhaps focus on apd and server rules features. They're endless if you've never seen them before.
  2. We should remove @Ken from Admin. He should have never been made mod, let alone Admin.
  3. Thank you for the plug, I HAVE RETIRED TAGS FOR A REASON
  4. Holy hell that was a story! You have no idea the time I put into that stalk. I walked so far, and stalked it on my way there. I saw you drive in and I was going to gat your ass. MY heart was pumping and I worked too damn hard hardly walking trying to be as silent as I could be. Then you got me in return. I was devastated. But it was an amazing time. The sui vest killed me lol. I laughed hard, but was worried someone would report you. So i jailed and told them I got you. doesn't seem like any report followed! I figured it was enough to satisfy them all. That damn arty tank lol. the amount of destruction is insane. I could not eject you from it so I had to admin jail lol truth. Pure panic my favorite
  5. I'd never sit there and laugh over a VDM report. They may or may not be a staff favorite. We should make this a AMA thread and give rogue a good kick to the heart. Subscribe to my premium snapchat so you can hear it first.
  6. Nothing better than a pure, unscripted experience In theory, that idea should have never worked. Better gamers win 🤣 The terror that day. I've still not moved that fast removing shit.
  7. Pics or it didn't happen
  8. holy shit, is that me??? i don't know. it feels very familiar
  9. soon, i won't be tempted to deal with shit when i'm at my computer now.
  10. i tried and i know it's fucking terrible, but crammed it in between homework and cba to go back, it's from the heart, that is what matters, also the, overuse, of commas, drives me crazy,
  11. On February 3rd, 2015 I joined Asylum for the first time. A few co-workers got me into it, we tried to learn the ropes as fast as we could. Although at times it felt damn near impossible. There were mechanics that we just simply did not understand. However, that was the very allure that kept me coming back day after day. Those co-workers moved on to be KOTH nerds at one point and left me in their dust. I kept digging and eventually figured out the spawn map, and the hard lesson was that I didn’t need to run from Sofia to Athria, and I could just respawn. This was life-changing, for better or for the worse, as I was hooked on this new digital heroin. I eventually fell in love with Kavala. Instant and constant action, while being called a myriad of names, and a ton of new experiences. I was a combat logger, i didn’t have the money to buy these cool guns time and time again. I exploited the Kavala Hq daily. There was this spot where if you Sync’d and logged back in, you would drop down just under the concrete surface and the cops couldn’t get you, but you could shoot and cause your own kind of hell. As time progressed, i wanted to become more and more involved. I was known by a few different names throughout my time here. The IFRIT part just stuck out of all the different usernames. I joined some gang with a Zombie Dude? He had an awkwardly deep voice but was a good leader. He essentially was able to weaponize the kids from Kavala and make us do his bidding. A few guns and some cash in the game sure when a long way. I just kept buying damn IFRITS because I simply could not drive. If I drove a hatchback, I was going to die. Every single time, there wasn’t a question about it. I was invited to join the team of staff after befriending @Clint Beastwood and @BaDaBiNg_10-8. I still remember us taking a .50cal through the streets of Kavala on March 17th, 2017, with every civ hell-bent on killing us. Every single cop was determined to take us down. The laughter that rang through my house has since never been repeated. I was sore the next day from the belly laugh. As I worked my way through the team of staff, I quickly found my heart had been fully invested in this place. I would work and get home only to sit and devote all my time to playing or providing support. I was hooked and down badly. There wasn’t any hope for me to return from this rabbit hole. I made new friends along the way and experienced life one event at a time. I had a lot of highs and lows. There are people here that were extremely supportive during these times. I had a lifeline and so did they. It started as a video game and ended as a family. A while ago I was able to meet @Roice in person in vegas. He waited for me at the airport and was about 2 feet taller than I thought he was. It was a strange experience at first but it quickly showed that we hadn’t missed a beat. As Roice drove around vegas, the shenanigans we got ourselves into that night will never be forgotten. There were core memories developed that night, some of those memories I don’t have the pleasure of actually remembering. But Roice could easily tell you if he wasn’t sworn to secrecy. The point I am trying to assert here is that many of you come and go. Some are here for a week and some of you have been here for almost 10 years. We have not survived this long because Arma is a cutting-edge game that’s leading the charts in popularity. However, we offer something that the triple-A developers will never be able to, a family. This has turned into an escape for many. The typical life bullshit doesn’t apply to here. The medical, finical, family, and school problems have no bearing here. You are provided with the unique opportunity to create your own story that can be turned off with the click of a button. Today, I am clicking that button I have made the decision that for the health of the community and my personal life, I am stepping down and allowing new leadership to take the wheel. I am excited to announce that @RoguePilot has accepted the challenge and is rising to the occasion. I have the utmost confidence that rogue will find the best path forward to continue the long legacy of Asylum. I encourage you to all offer the same support and gratitude that you showed me when I took over ownership in December 2019. The first 6 months were terrifying and contained a huge learning curve. I truly never stopped learning. While I step away from Asylum, I won't disappear from Asylum. I have some career and family goals that need my utmost dedication and focus. And I believe that without the stress of ownership, I will accomplish these goals. Asylum has created a foundation that will help me succeed for the rest of my life. I wish the ownership aspect was something we could easily show the masses, but I wasn’t able to find a concrete way to do just that. To the countless staff through the years, I truly cannot thank you enough. You guys are the sole reason that Asylum is what Asylum is. You guys through my ownership time worked to keep me in check and my feet planted in reality. The respect I have for you guys will never be forgotten, and I will never be able to thank you enough. For that, I am in debt to you. There are a few secrets that I wanted to air out as I depart. The bear image in my signature contained a coupon code for a shit ton of money in the store. It was a puzzle and it was not easily seen. A few got close to figuring it out years ago. I hate banning people. It was a necessary evil, but with every single ban, I wondered if the person I banned was dealing with shit in life that they too were trying to escape. And that ban may have been their last line to that escape. I know I caused someone to face their issues when they were not ready. For that, I am sorry. It’s not my place to tell you when your issues should be faced. To the person that died shortly after I spoke with you, I am sorry I didn’t say a better goodbye. Neither of us knew, but I would give anything to go back and say a final goodbye. To the people that confided their deepest secrets and struggles with me, know that I have still never repeated those to anyone and they will continue to rest with me. I hope you have found peace from those burdens. To the friend groups that still exist today because of Asylum, I hope they will continue long beyond Asylum. Open letter to Rogue Rogue, The journey you have agreed to undertake has ramifications that only a few know. Being the owner brings a burden that cannot be described. We have spoken at length about the lessons I learned. I encourage you to never forget that you are not here for yourself. Your mission is to continue providing a place for all these people from across the world to meet and continue their connections and friendships. I encourage you to always be humble, listen more than you talk, and admit when you are wrong. You will have thousands of voices in your ear, and it will be impossible to respond to them all. But you can read them all. I know that during my tenure, I read every single message that I got. Sometimes they were extremely irritating to read and hear, and often they were downright violent. I still read them and used them as fuel to continue the charge. However, I expect you to exercise your restraint when needed, and tenacity when required. You are here to defend what has come before you, and continue what comes after you. You will never take the L, and defeat at any level can never be welcomed. Defend every community member as your family when they come personally under attack. You hold the power to affect change in people's lives. I know this sounds dramatic, but it’s only because of the messages I received that showed this to be the reality. You should always be humble and understanding. The server is a direct reflection of how you conduct yourself. The team of staff is there for you at any time. Use them for their duties, and empower them to build with you. With love, Mitch “I’m not any good at killing, but I sure can die with the best of them.” “Don’t light a candle for peace, light it for violence and let peace extinguish the flame.”
  12. Hello all, @RoguePilot has retired from his Staff duties. He has a long history of contributions to the Community over the years. He will be sorely missed as a unique personality. Rogue started as a thorn in my side many years ago. It wasn't long ago that I found myself banning his various gang members of his. Only to be quickly messaged with his reason the ban should not stand. I sincerely believe that rogue could negotiate your own shoes off you in a winter storm. Take it easy Rogue. I will miss you. P.s the first message you ever sent me on discord was on 11/29/2017........ 5 years later you're leaving us all Love, Brett
  13. That's just a fucked comment. I love light mode, the flashbang reminds me daily the joy I get from here.
  14. use me as a dislike button. Failed senior admin copy paste
  15. Dear Asylum community, As the holiday season approaches, I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you. Being a member of this community has brought me so much comfort, support, and joy over the years, and I am deeply grateful for the connections I have made here. Christmas is a time of celebration and togetherness, and although we may not be able to physically be together, the sense of community and belonging that exists within our Asylum family is more powerful than ever. I want to thank you all for being such a loyal and dedicated part of this community. Your presence here has truly made a difference in my life, and I know it has for countless others as well. So on this Christmas day, I wish you all the very best. May your holiday be filled with love, laughter, and all the warmth and cheer that the season brings. Merry Christmas, and here's to many more years of community and connection within our asylum family. Sincerely, Asylum Staff
  16. No different than a shitty player with little outburst on the forum. fuck your data dad. I will go cry in a corner now 😂
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