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  1. Such a simple mind.. pre evolution. Think beyond that box molu.
  2. My god, what the fuck has happened. Start tagging, let's hear who is to blame and why. Neck Beards Let them air it out simps.
  3. Why did you post a video of a game mechanic being used as intended? That goes against the entire point of these forums.
  4. @Roice they might need the treatment
  5. I've got a yellow submarine
  6. Should have died with 3, like fast and the furious should have.
  7. Small suggestion Chris You're circling the drain again. Perhaps focus on apd and server rules features. They're endless if you've never seen them before.
  8. We should remove @Ken from Admin. He should have never been made mod, let alone Admin.
  9. Thank you for the plug, I HAVE RETIRED TAGS FOR A REASON
  10. Holy hell that was a story! You have no idea the time I put into that stalk. I walked so far, and stalked it on my way there. I saw you drive in and I was going to gat your ass. MY heart was pumping and I worked too damn hard hardly walking trying to be as silent as I could be. Then you got me in return. I was devastated. But it was an amazing time. The sui vest killed me lol. I laughed hard, but was worried someone would report you. So i jailed and told them I got you. doesn't seem like any report followed! I figured it was enough to satisfy them all. That damn arty tank lol. the amount of destruction is insane. I could not eject you from it so I had to admin jail lol truth. Pure panic my favorite
  11. I'd never sit there and laugh over a VDM report. They may or may not be a staff favorite. We should make this a AMA thread and give rogue a good kick to the heart. Subscribe to my premium snapchat so you can hear it first.
  12. Nothing better than a pure, unscripted experience In theory, that idea should have never worked. Better gamers win 🤣 The terror that day. I've still not moved that fast removing shit.
  13. Pics or it didn't happen
  14. holy shit, is that me??? i don't know. it feels very familiar
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